How to Maintain Consistancy in Your Home-Based Business!


Recently I found this article that Dani Johnson wrote. It was powerful and had a lot of valuable points for any one that is in Decide Freedom International, Coastal Travel or any home business. I will provide you will some details on how with her training we made $253,000 dollars in two and a half years but first read this…

Many home business builders struggle with consistency or lack there of in getting results. The simple answer is contained in that dreaded four-letter word, WORK! I’m going to show you a little secret to keep you consistent and moving forward in your business…

The reason why most of us struggle with fear, inconsistency and lack of focus is really simple. We don’t give our network marketing business the same diligence and commitment that we give our boss every day on our job. This is the main reason we struggle with self-motivation, fear, procrastination and consistency.

Think about it, if you showed up on your job and you did not do the tasks that you are paid to do, what will happen? You would be fired! The same applies to your home business except for the fact that you will have to fire yourself. You will give yourself the axe because you can’t afford to stay and play with the rest of us.

To find consistency you have to work. This is not a lottery ticket. This is not a game. This is not something that is played by chance. This is hard work, dedication and commitment. If we give this the same kind of hard work, dedication and commitment that we do our job every single day, we will have incredibly consistent success.

This topic doesn’t call for a lot of elaboration or explanation. This is a principle that anyone can grab a hold of. The simple concept of giving your home business the same commitment to excellence that you give to your boss at work will shift your paradigm and create consistent results month after month.

Here’s the tough question you need to ask yourself. Based on how you’ve been working your business, would you hire you? If the answer is no then it’s time to step up and give the same effort and commitment as you do your job or do something else with your time. It really is that simple!

Dani Johnson is an author, speaker, trainer and founder of Call to Freedom Int’l. She went from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name to earning her first million in two short years by the age of 23. Dani regularly consults, mentors, and coaches business owners, entrepreneurs, and career professionals on business, leadership development, personal achievement, marketing solutions, profit strategies, relationship marketing, and team development.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dani_Johnson

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