How To Make At Least $51,449 a Year?


The last 15 weeks I’ve had the incredible pleasure to work with an amazing group of people.  Most of them had never successfully earned an income working from home.  They have all been through Dani Johnson’s training and together we are mastering applying what she teaches.

Many heard about this unique program I started back at the end of January but only a few stepped up and stayed focus for the last 15 weeks.  They agreed to be accountable and committed to working at least 20 hours a week.  Each of them have humbled themselves to coaching, correction and guidance and their results prove it.  As a group they are on track to average 51,449 each for the year.  They are averaging $3,957.65 each per week!

Each one of you that have joined the Exec. Mentor Group, WAY TO GO!  We will be opening it up soon and taking others but for the time being let’s continue to grow, learn and help others.  Any one working with you must know they are working with a real example and true leader who practices what they preach!

Hilary Snyder – Stay at Home Mom
Toni Cloud – Stay at Home Mom, church bookkeeper part-time
Mindy Sartin – Stay at Home Wife
Latisha Ware – Stay at Home Wife, recovering from the corporate world
Trish Roberts – Self Employed Photographer and Mom
Gary Mach – Farmer/Business Owner and Dad
Andrea Derego – Corp. Sales Rep for Network Security and Real Estate
Jenny Perales – Working Mom
Dianne McGuigan – Single Mom of 3
Dorothy Graham – Independent Business Woman
Mintra Lewis – Stay at Home Mom
Nancy Wall – Stay at Home Mom
Mary Lynn Sheppard – Stay Home Mom and Wife
Steve Sheppard – Laid Off from Corporate America and Dad
Lawrence Scott – Ex Utility Meter Reader now Dad living with family in Ecuador
Heather Lefoil – Home Schooling Mom and Wife
Stacy O’Quinn – Stay at Home Dad, Yours Truly

As we give it our best shot mastering all we can from what Dani Johnson teaches.  Working in a spirit of excellence and integrity.  How much debt can you pay off?  What does financial freedom feel like?  What kind of memories can you create for your kids or grandkids traveling around the world on mission trips or just vacation in general?  This is your life, GREAT JOB!

Some people “know” what it takes to step up and create results in their life but they aren’t willing and keep putting it off?  Each of you have made a decision that you will become the change you seek and it’s paying off in a big way.  The best part is, this is the weakest when our skill set is the lowest in the beginning.  From here on out, our average will actually start to climb.  It’s my belief there is no reason each of you can not develop a 6 Figure Income this year.

I believe in you!,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S.  I can’t wait to hang out with many of you at Creating a Dynasty this weekend with Dani Johnson!  I’m humbled to call you friend and thank you for inspiring me on my bad days!

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