How to Never Run Out of Clients!


When working from home the worse thing that can possibly happen is to run out of qualified clients to talk to.  We’ve all heard about calling your warm market (friends and family) and luke warm market (people at Wal-mart, post office, bank and etc).  Both are excellent ideas but what if you’ve called all your friends and family, don’t have that many friends and family you want to call or don’t want to call them at all?  What if you wanted a Home Business so you could “STAY” at home and not have to go out so you don’t want to rely on constantly getting clients by walking up to them and starting conversations where ever you meet them?

Then there is an alternative.  For over 7 years I’ve built 90% of my business with advertising from advertising firms.  The downfall to “advertising leads” is it does cost money.  That being said it currently runs me about 3% of my income.  Do leads from advertising firms work?  I can honestly say I’ve helped 1,000’s increase their income using Dani Johnson’s training and calling leads from advertising firms with her script books.  Some examples are….


Capri in OR stay at home mom made $119,000 in her first year.

Dianne in Ontario another stay home mom made $249,000 her first year.

Jennifer in MT also a mom that stayed home with her 4 kids made $92,000 her first year.

Catherine from MO, also a mom she made $49,000 her first year.

John in PA, construction worker and dad made $9,600 his first month.


Are these people average results?  Heck no but they had little business experience following the scripts they marketed a lucrative product.  Their over head calling leads averaged 10-20% of their income  (which is normal and much better than a traditional brick and mortar business).

The biggest thing with calling leads is using a reputable source, understanding that you should call them in real time not days later or aged and make sure you market a product that is lucrative enough to afford the advertising.  You should never have to cold call, bother your family or worry about running out of clients ever again.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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