How to Really Succeed in the 21st Century


Recently after a First Steps to Success event with Dani Johnson I was interviewed along with Jackie O’Quinn and the Russell family on our success when the economy is bad and we are just coming out of a recession?  Being interviewed by Dani Johnson for her TV and Radio show with a combined reach of 100’s of millions of people was a true honor.  But knowing that people are stuck in a box and just can’t mentally see any way out is sad.

You see to succeed in this 21st Century you just gotta be willing to step out and get what you want.  You are so close to success but you can’t tell it.  You gotta do a little bit more than what you are doing now.  You gotta reach a little bit more. People go out of business or fail to even start a business because they didn’t understand what that “little bit more” that those that succeed do.  When we give in, give up or slow down we are really battling our mind and our understanding on what we believe is real.  But our belief while it feels real may not be real at all. 

Dani Johnson can show you that little bit more.  You must be willing to step out and learn and understand, the guy or gal next to you is succeeding and so should you.  It’s not your business model that is bad, it’s how you think about your business model.  Dani Johnson has proven results we went from 6 figures in debt to debt-free paying off 292,000 dollars to now earning multiple 6 figures every year.  I give away more money now than I used to make as a salary in the military.  My business model is awesome but Dani Johnson showed me how.  There are many in my industry that went out of business and they thought it was the economy.  Thank GOD I didn’t and thank you Dani Johnson for showing me how.

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To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


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