How to Start More People in a Home Business


The funny thing about a home business is we make it so complicated.  We forget basic common sense sometimes.  What does it take to succeed in any home business?  How about getting more clients and customers?  We forget getting more people started is how every other business succeeds on the planet.  If clients don’t get started on products or services then you are not going to succeed.  So how do you really do that?

Here’s one key you’ve probably heard of before ABC “Always Be Closing”.  Here is the bottom line,  people have to be closed on why they need or want your product or solution.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a potion, lotion, pill, service or business.  If you are not using your solution to fill their desire you are not going any where fast.  I recommend to increase your success at this I use Dani Johnson’s Home Business Script Book.  That is the words you need to say to fill their need.  Now there is one more thing about a home business that is unique.  To have success long term CLOSING IS ALWAYS A CONDITION OF THE HEART.  If you are getting someone started they can tell if you care.  They can tell if you really are there for them or just yourself.

Closing is a sales skill but like Dani Johnson says, “We are all in sales”.  We sell other people on our ideas all the time.  Like our kids, our spouses and our co-workers.  Would you go to a doctor that only cares how much money they were making versus how to diagnose your child?  You say it’s not the same?  I say look at those who have success long term, not just for a season.  Helping other people genuinely always helps you.  You already know how to close those around you.  Use that same passion you have in your home business and more people will start with you.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Congrats to Eddie in the UK he generated $5,000 in the last five weeks!

P.S.S Congrats Angela Lassher in PA she generated over $52,000 in the last 14 weeks!

P.S.S.S Apparently they now how to CLOSE!

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