How to Survive Being Laid Off in this Economy


Being laid off is one of the most fearful moments a mom or dad can feel. It’s important to understand that even in this economy with unemployment increasing it’s not over. You have several options available to you. Assess your situation, verify your resources and find a solution and act. That may be easier said than done but the fact remains you have to take control of your situation versus leaving it up to someone else.

You’ve just lost your job now what? Take some time and assess your situation. Who do you know that may help you with an opportunity or another job. Where are you at financially right now? What will you do to ensure that someone else isn’t in control of your life in the future? With the answer to those questions you can begin to formulate a game plan. You can analyze what you have going for you and what your limits are.

Then you need to verify your resources and be truthful with yourself. Who can help you get a job even if it’s part time? What can you do to ensure that losing your job is not something you will have to fear in the future? How can you make a living on your own or earn money part time from home. Can you do consulting work, can you start your own business from home and be in control of your own life. Occasionally it takes our backs against the wall for us to really open our eyes to what is possible. When you are verifying your resources on is your money that you may have saved, in the bank or retirement accounts maybe even cash value on insurance policies. You have to protect that resource and make it last as long as possible. When you spend or invest money you need to ensure it’s for either survival or opportunity, obviously if you start a business it will take some of your liquid cash but it may also leave you in control.

The bottom line is this; you must assess your situation, verify your resources and find a solution. You have to act. Your company did not look out for you, your boss is not paying your bills and the government isn’t giving you a bailout. You have two basic choices you can assess your situation and choose to wait it out spending your savings slowly over time till another opportunity comes or you can decide to create your own future. Do what America’s founding fathers did and start your own business or develop your own way of making money and be in control of your life and no longer feel stress.

Stacy O’Quinn is a Christian Dad, Husband, Business Owner, Motivator and Business Developer. He currently focuses heavily on helping others create Six Figure Income from home. He’s assisted several already and believes that the biggest key is being a real person and providing real guidance to a new person just starting up. He openly provides tips and techniques to anyone looking to work from home and he has a vision of creating 10 New Six Figure Income Earners. If that is your desire than join him at

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