How to Survive in a Down Economy


Does the slow down in today’s economy bother you? Are you worried about the instability in your job or industry?

Working from home I personally have not seen the effects in our household from the economy so far. While from a distance I’ve watched the effects in others.

In the next few moments I’ll share with you how to brave the murky waters in today’s environment with confidence that you will make it to the other side. Several steps we have used to pay down debt, increase our opportunities, grow our income, work only part time and continue to create memories as a family.

1. Make wise confident decisions with your money and ACT.

-The financial resources you do have need to be working for you NOW! Indecision creates a defensive mind set financially and creates an environment were you are trying to preserve wealth vs create it. Preserving wealth will eventually lead you to running out of money and put you in an unproductive state of fear.

2. People you know and past experiences are the very first place you should be looking for new opportunities. Chances are you will personally know someone who has already taken a risk and succeeded financially. It could have been moving for a new job or starting a home business but it is often easier if someone else has braved the waters ahead of you.

3. Help as many people as you can and opportunities in life will continue to come at you.

-This is for several reasons. First if you are struggling in this economy and you find a solution that works for yourself it will most likely work for others. You help other people and they will never forget you. When the time comes in the future when you need another chance or something different to help you in a troubled time, anyone you have helped will be the first to come to you.

Note: To fully understand the above points remember number 3 creates a bigger effect for number 2 if and when you ever need a new change or opportunity in life. Life is always full of opportunity if you ACT NOW== REFER to NUMBER 1.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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