How to Work From Home


How to work from home is something I talk about in one way or another almost daily.  People are always fascinated about the prospect of being your own boss, having control of your time and being able to make extra money working in your pajamas.  As I type this now I’m currently wearing some beach shorts sitting at my desk staring out the window considering going fishing this afternoon.  We’ve lived this life for 7 years, my wife stays at home with me and we home school our kids.  We are debt-free, paid off 292,000 dollars while working from home.  Previously in the military I made 25,000 dollars a year, today I make 6 figures plus every single year.  There are two basic ways you can learn how to work from home.

First, you can work for a company as an employee, or you can work with someone as a virtual assistant.  These types of jobs are out there but they are few and far between.  The work is often inconsistent and the pay tends to be less than minimum wage because normally you will be working as a contract employee.  The upside is it takes no investment on your part except for your time and a computer normally.  And of course passing an interview to actually get the job.  The plus, is it gets you in the environment of actually learning what it’s like when you want to know how to work from home.

Second, and the most lucrative way.  Is to find or develop (finding is easier) a company that pays you well to promote their product or service.  (typically there are more expenses this way)  This is what my wife and I have done with Coastal Travel.  The key what every you promote, make sure there is no quota (you should not be an employee).  Ensure there is a system to “plug into” to learn.  There should be a simple system on how to get clients.  You do not want to work with a company that promises the stars and the moon as long as YOU have to find your own clients.  Unless you are an Internet expert, or you actually want to leave your home and meet face to face with clients (now you are not working from home) the company should have some type of resources that allows you to attract clients.  If there is a system you should be able to simply guide potential clients through a basic process and of course some will like what they see and those that don’t won’t.  But you become a presenter vs some sales person.  The company’s training should give you realistic expectations and you should meet new people and she how they are fairing. 

So you want to know how to work from home?  Well there are your basic options.  The second is what I’ve done and we work about 25 hours a week and live a very non traditional life of freedom.  No matter which method you decide to take, ensure the company has a long term track record and any company should allow you to go through their “training” program before you make a commitment.  Go through all training that is offered and be honest with yourself.  “Can I really do this?”  If so jump in and go to work right away!


God Bless and Good Luck,
Stacy O’Quinn

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