How to Work From Home and Succeed


Prior to becoming a financial advisor for Edward Jones I made a great living working from home. It was the most valuable experience of my life. The primary reason is simply because what allowed me to earn a six figure income every year working from home easily translates to creating success in other areas. Below in no paticular order I will talk about what allowed me to succeed from home and how that has helped me achieve the status of being in the top 10% of my peers worldwide in the financial world.

1. First Tip – Never recreate the wheel. Starting anything new is difficult and also a nervous and exciting time. Why increase that nervousness starting out. To succeed from home there is no reason you have to be “groundbreaking”. I will admit, to make 7 figures a year you may have too. But not to reach six figures your first year. Find someone who is having success and do what they are doing. Make sure there is an exact system you can follow, sometimes you may have to look for it but almost always one exist.

2. Second Tip – Find what you enjoy and do more of it. I enjoy making money I also enjoy traveling. So when I worked from home I found a business that allowed me the ability to travel the world and make money. You will be most successful when your hobby meets your income needs. Working hard does not feel like work at all.

3. Third Tip – Be extremely confident in your product or service. As a financial advisor you must know that someone is better off working with you than they are on their own. If you market a product or service you have to know that someone is better off with you than with out. Almost like they are up a creek without a paddle without you. When I worked from home I sold an 11,000 dollar product and I was confident there was nothing else out there like it and I also knew that the clients I worked with would always feel really good about us working together. With that level of confidence you will always beable to over come any objection that a new client or customer throws at you.

4. Fourth Tip – Establish a track record or verify one is established for you. To begin with you will not be able to have many satisfied clients or customers regardless if you provide a product or service. If you are new and you are not recreating the wheel so you are following a pattern that someone else has already set out make sure it works. I know that seems like a no brainer but makes sure there are people who talk about that product or that service. Testimonies on a website or marketing material are good but, make sure you can verify them in some way. It is as simple as having several sources of proof saying the same thing. If there are stories on a website for instance then there should be real people that are willing to say the same thing. It does not have to be the exact same people just real live people. The more you can verify the better.
-a negative response is not bad, remember if you have a real service or product someone somewhere will not be happy. You want to make sure if you are doing any kind of marketing that you verify the people who say good or bad things are real people.

–we’ve all seen testimonies on websites and brochures and that’s good but make sure you find real people who are passionate about what they have or are doing as well.

Yours Truly,
Stacy O’Quinn

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