How Will Dani Johnson’s Creating A Dynasty Affect You?


Coming back from Dani Johnson’s advanced training event this weekend I can honestly say it is the most strategic, powerful and fun event I’ve ever experienced.  The people and businesses that explode, marriages and relationships healed and an army that is raised up to not only be successful but actually helps people.  I saw a client that works with orphans ask for help and in about 15 minutes impromptu about 150-200 people gave over $78,450 to orphans down in Belize at the King’s Children Home.

But maybe giving isn’t your thing? Maybe you want to make a ton of money, have fun for a change but you just need a strategic way to do it.  I get it you could be in a stressful situation and tired of the worry and anxiety. I’d recommend Dani Johnson’s training.  Dynasty, which is Dani’s advance training event builds on her First Steps to Success event, and what is so good about it is it’s a complete package. So often her are pitched or sold something only to find out later we got excited but there was no specific how to.  Dani Johnson gives the how to and that’s what makes her training work.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I’m not an employee or active affiliate, I’m simply a client.  I’m recommending the training because it works and definitely works for anyone in a home based business.

Prior to Dani’s training I was a military dad with 6 figures in debt working long hours.  It felt like our debt was chocking me and I could not breath.  Looking for a way out I started a home based business but got very frustrated because of the lack of training.  I made no money in the home business. After plugging in to Dani’s training I learned how to make my business grow and get out of debt.  My first year I made an extra $104,000 working part time, walked away from my military career and decided to stay at home with my wife and kids.  In 5 years we paid off $292,000 in debt and today we make a multiple 6 figure income.  We actually give away more money than we made as a salary in the military. 

I’m not the only one, friend me on facebook and meet a ton of people that have had similar results one may even have a background like yours. Also struggling and in debt?


To Your Solution,
Stacy O’Quinn 


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P.P.S. Not to mention we meet some of the greatest people on the planet through Dani Johnson’s training!  Can’t wait to meet you.

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