Hurricane Evacuation underway!


As I hoped and prayed that somehow this Hurricane would go somewhere else. It still appears it’s coming right at my house, Dang! We live about an hour south of Baton Rouge and north of New Orleans.

Just found out that east bound traffic will be blocked through Baton Rouge tomorrow and that’s the way I am evacuating so this afternoon we are leaving. Will be praying over my home and property before we leave. It’s now in his hands. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated as well 🙂

Man talk about a crummy time to leave with Cutting Edge Media running this contest for us starting Monday! They have never sponsored a contest for anyone else like this before. We are blessed! If you missed the details you can listen below also there was a mini training done on closing on that call as well.

Heck mark your calendar because the contest starts Monday, on Tuesday Renae will be doing a training calling her clients live so you can listen in. It’s not often you can watch over some one’s shoulder who’s made over 700,000 dollars in 3 years .

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

That’s not it, on Wednesday afternoon Sept. 3rd at 5pm EST Dani Johnson will be doing an exclusive training just for DFI. It cost 1,000 dollars to get an hour worth of Dani’s time. And as a member of DFI we will get it free hour of her training geared specifically on how to get more out of our business. That call will be 5pm EST 212-990-8000 pin 1989# This call will most likely MAX out mark your calendar and be on that call EARLY.

See you on the calls!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Thank Goodness I work from home! To keep up with what is happening in DFI or the outcome of the Hurricane join the 6 Figure Income Club and you will be emailed all the updates.

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