“I JUST Won a BMW!” The Truth


It’s all over facebook and newer advertisements for people looking to “recruit” home business owners.  It typically followed up with them telling how great their company is and everyone is “winning” a car.  When in fact they haven’t “won” anything.  When the truth behind the statement is that person is proudly proclaiming I just became a company “whore” (I know that’s a strong term but let me explain)

The companies that often give away certain cars or huge “bonus” checks are actually forcing these people in to slavery and bondage.  It’s great marketing for the company but is destroying many of these individuals emotionally, financially and their family lives.  So how does a car bonus really work?

Typically the person has to go out and get a very specific car sometimes an exact make/model and even color.  On purpose they are required to sign a lease from a car dealership so all the (liability) is falling on the individual not the company that they “won the car from”.  Then if they reach a certain amount of sales volume the company will pay their lease normally it’s required to be in the 500-800 range.  But if they have a “slow” month, someone in their family is sick, it’s the holiday season or anything comes up and they don’t make their “monthly” quota the company does not pay the car bonus.  Hence more stress and more debt when the person normally would have never went out and acquired that type of debt. And qualifying for the car bonus is ALWAYS easy and normally the person is not creating any income to pay for their lease out of their company check so it actually increases their debt.  Now they have to work harder every month to keep paying for their car.

They are FORCED  to promote their success (the CAR) to attempt to get more people in so they can sell more product to actually get the company to cover the car this month.  It is modern day slavery.  The company is pimping them out as a success when behind the scenes the company has gotten them to voluntarily submit to being pimped out and working to the bone.  The “higher” a person gets into a company like this the harder it is.  They will often tout their BIG CHECKS as if they’ve earned them and it’s in the bank but that’s almost NEVER the case.  They have to perform to a certain level every month or quarter to get a portion of that money over 5-10 years.  Someone making 50,000 a year working full time having to have a home business that forces them to travel all over the place (on their own dime) isn’t as pretty as the person holding those large fake checks for photo ops.  lol.

Now I’m not saying these companies are bad companies.  I’m just providing clarity to how it really works.  Personally for me I prefer to make my money upfront and show the checks that are in the bank not what I could qualify for in the future?  That feels misleading and is extremely unethical.  The fact is if you receive a paycheck from the company versus a paycheck from the client then you are never really self employed.  The company will tell you, you are and once again this is a form of manipulation.   That company can change the bonuses and compensation when ever they want.  If you are paid by the client no one can change your pay except you!


It’s a challenging world out there!  Good Luck,
Stacy O’Quinn


  1. Stacy,

    Your blog post definitely sheds a light on how we all individually chose to work.

    I love what you said …. “Personally for me I prefer to make my money upfront and show the checks that are in the bank not what I could qualify for in the future” I could not agree with you more!

    It is an honor to work alongside you in the business Mr. O’Quinn!

    Anyone who has the opportunity to work with you will definitely see success by choice & in their future!

  2. Dianne Mc Guigan says:

    All I can say is…AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing TRUTH! This actually happened to a friend of mine. All swept up in the Fame, totally manipulated through the process and Very HURT and DISCOURAGED through it all. Again, thank you Mr. O’Quinn for shedding LIGHT where it needs to be shed. Blessings to you and it is an honor to work with you!

  3. Londa Harpster says:

    Great article and I can tell you from my personal experience- this is SPOT ON. Thank you for sharing this important information to unsuspecting and trusting people. Personally, I prefer to make the $$ upfront as well. Thank God, I do now.

  4. Jackie O'Quinn says:

    I’m totally going to be devils advocate here. Even though I agree with everything that you said here. However, these promotions are not all bad and people who are a part of these promotions are usually fully made aware of what they are getting themselves into. It does create a working sales force the company and for the leaders of the company which can lead to insane growth and success for more people inside of such organizations.

    However, when a person doesn’t know what they are getting into it can just lead to more stress and more financial worry. Some companies will allow a rep to take a smaller cash bonus instead of the car bonus. Well the cash bonus goes into your bank account and does not go to paying a lease on a car. I would always recommend anyone working in a company like this to avoid the hype of the “car” and just take the smaller cash bonus if that is an option!

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