If You Work From Home….


You need this training.  I do not benefit in anyway recommending this to you.  I’m not some paid by Dani Johnson or her company to tell you this.  I just know I’ve helped a ton of people increase their income and make money working from home.

If you are serious about increasing your ability to prospect and close clients you must be in this training.

The last time we sent out this announcement, those that waited one day ONLY got on the waiting list! Will you be one of the few who will be personally coached and mentored by an industry pro in a small, intimate group of business builders? Dani is doing a second round of Prospecting and Closing Classes … for 4 consecutive weeks.

                        The Group Prospecting Class begins April 10, 2012 at 11am CT and the Group Closing Class starts April 12, 2012 11am CT. These classes will be conducted via teleseminar format so you can listen from your home or office.

                       You could be part of the select group  working one-on-one with Dani as she trouble shoots and tweaks your prospecting and closing skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to dramatically increase in your skills and ultimately, YOUR RESULTS!

Don’t hesitate and end up on the waiting list! There are only a handful of seats left in each class that are filled on a first come first serve basis. Secure your Prospecting  and Closing  class seats now! Or, you can secure your spots by calling (866) 760-8255 or our international number (408) 414-0325.

                        To Your Success,
                        Joy Randall

                        P.S. Get access to $6,000 worth of Dani’s personal coaching time for 1/20th the price! Don’t let this second chance pass you by.


Call Them and Get in those Classes Period!

Stacy O’Quinn

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