We Are Giving Away $100,000


To the extreme poor.  Since we started business I have always wanted to have the ability to help people and it’s been a passion.  There must be something inside of you that drives you and wakes you up everyday and makes you feel alive.  People have asked me for years how did I stay so consistent in my work.  The fact is simple, I know everyday I am giving someone the chance to step up and rise up and be more.  Helping people improve their lives, seeing the stories, seeing the changes never gets old.

For the last year God has shown me that I’ve been blessed.  At one point in life we totally struggled with making money last from one month to the next.  At one point the stress was incredibly intense and the pressure that felt like a ton of bricks weighed us down and it was a feeling that millions feel but I’d never wish for anyone.  For most people in our country I think they just need to “know” how.  Then they would break free!

But the extreme poor in the world can’t feel like that.  Today they struggle for water that won’t kill them.  Today children are sleeping in homes that are nothing more than debris shelters and it’s raining and they are attempting to find a comfortable spot in the mud, shivering and cold.  I’ve seen success and the entrepreneur spirit in some of the poorest of the poor countries.  But that takes someone thinking about a future and a vision of what is possible. When you are a mom watching your kids starve and nothing to give them and no way to fix it you can’t possibly think about a better life, until you get the basics of survival covered.

So I was given a shot! I had a God that believed in me, a brother that believed in me and a mentor in Dani Johnson that believed in me.  I had to do the work, and God knows we have.  God has been showing me all that I have is not because of me but FOR HIM.  He’s been tugging on my heart for over a year to give away that $100,000 dollars I once said I would do one day, after being inspired by others. 

The next 100,000 dollars I earn in our business I’m giving away to help build a village for the poorest of poor in Nicaragua!  If you have a desire to help then you can go to www.grouprev.com/dfi and help even if it’s just 50 or 100 dollars. Maybe you don’t have one penny to help and I understand I’ve been there before.  Maybe you are just looking for that direction still and your one shot, but you know you have clean drinking water to give your kids.  Maybe you still have a little tug to do something, YOU CAN.

Just like, share, comment and repost this page.  Just like the TV Show “ABC’s Secret Millionaire” inspired me.  It wasn’t ABC that gave away the money, they were the ones that shared the stories of other business men and women helping the less fortunate. So you could be the one inspiring others by just passing along the message.  You could be the one sharing this story just like a mega million dollar corporation did, that inspired me a few years ago.  I’ve never lost this vision.



We can do more together!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Pass this along, share and comment what you like about the video and let’s help the extreme poor together!

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