I’m giving away $500 on Facebook this week


Actually my wife and I are giving away $9,000 dollars this week (we are matching the next 9,000 donated this week @ and the first  $100,000 we make this year to help the extreme poor in Santa Pancha, Nicaragua. We are talking about moms that don’t have clean drinking water for their baby much less food.  We are talking little boys and girls in some cases as young 6 years old that don’t have a safe place to live.


This week those that help us spread the word about some of the poorest of poor could win $500. Why this week?  Because every dollar donated at up to $9,000 we will match it dollar for dollar.  Every person that likes and shares this post on facebook is automatically entered to win $300 or $200 just for helping us spread the word!

Every person that shares this article on Facebook will automatically be entered to win $300.  I’m going to randomly have one of my kids pick a number each share will have a number attached to it and on Saturday evening we will have a winner (make sure I’m tagged in that share if you don’t share it from my wall). Leave an inspirational and encouraging comment at the bottom of this page with Facebook and or like this post on facebook and you could win an additional $200.


Have you ever wanted to help or give but didn’t feel like you could do enough? That’s ok in the next week each dollar you donate could be doubled.  Have you ever wanted to help the less fortunate but just didn’t have anything to give?  That’s okay just by sharing this article you are helping and you could win up to $500 as well.

Why am I doing this?  Other than the need is great, I believe to us that are given much, much is expected.  I grew up extremely poor by American standards in a single wide trailer with no underpinning and metal steps.  My dad died when I was young and I watched my mom struggle.  As I got older and joined the military and still struggled financially making about $2100 a month well over 6 figures in debt.  Then I got inspired to start an Internet business and while struggling to get that off the ground I learned about Dani Johnson and how she went from homeless to millionaire.  Over the next few months I made 6 figures, left my military career paid off $292,000 in debt in 5 years and this year we are living off of our investments and giving our first $100,000 dollars away to the extreme poor.


Today I work with the most incredible people and have meet some of the greatest on the planet while traveling all over the country and the world.  Many of those people I count as friends and partners on a mission.  We come from all walks of life and we all have a story. It is about where we come from and where we end up that defines us, on earth and eternally.

Thank you for joining with us on this cause, even if it’s just a share or a comment below to spread the word, thank you.  If we haven’t met yet I can’t wait till we do!


To Help Others,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Special Congrats to Lilly Secada and Dianne McGuigan as soon as they caught wind of this match they acted immediately donated and doubled their money.  Nice work ladies and amazing business women at that.

P.P.S. Just remember for commenting below and helping to spread the word you could win your share of 500 dollars!

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