I’m Home But My Heart Hasn’t Made it Back


I hope you can find where it’s at, but please leave it there!

Coming back from Haiti I can’t put into words and really explain all that we saw. But I’m sharing this with you because for all the sadness many of you that subscribe to the 6 Figure Income Club and read this blog and that I get to work with on a daily basis are the ones that helped to make a difference.  Together we helped to raise over $500,000 to build water wells, 50 homes and a sugar cane mill for a village that at one point had no road access until we showed up.  We visited this village and the people yelled, cheered, praised God and wanted everyone involved to know how thankful they were.  The village of Kadwa was a success.  We made a people that felt hopeless now have hope and due to agriculture a way to build a fledgling economy to be sustainable.

But there is so much more, imagine for a moment that you are a mom or dad and you have to go 5 or 6 miles a day, every day to get water.  Then you know the water came from a ditch that people are bathing in, using as a restroom and throwing trash in it.  But you are still stuck with the unfortunate dilemma, you either don’t give the water to your kids because it will make them sick and may kill them.  Or you don’t give them any water at all and they will surely die.

Imagine being compassionate because you are lower middle class but not the poorest of poor.  In Haiti, Guatemala, Nicaragua and other parts of the third world that’s around 25 dollars a week.  So since you have so much you begin to take in boys and girls that are abandoned living on the streets and dieing of violence and starving.  But as prices go up or more and more kids come to you for safety but you don’t have money to feed them all.  You can only give them a safe place to live.  We are talking about kids that are 4 to 10 and sometimes even younger.  You don’t have enough money to feed them or provide basic medical care and unless someone helps out and often times they can’t you watch as these children slowly starve or die due to lack of basic medical care.

Or think about those that work at one of the largest food distribution centers in the world.  They can only provide basic nutrition to families and have to ration the food to help as many as possible.  But they distribute daily over 2 tons of cooked rice alone.  People walk in some cases as many as 5+ miles a day to get just one meal for their families and in many cases it’s all they will have to eat all day.  Imagine working in that center and as you ratio out the food which is the bare minimum to help as many as you can, the people are violently yelling and crying out of desperation for just one more scoop.  If you give them one more scoop someone else goes with out.

I don’t share this with you for the pain of sadness but merely for the jubilation that you are their answer.  As we give to the poorest of the poor Jesus said, “for the least of these you do for me.” As you and I build our businesses yes we are to be financially free and independent because there is a little child out there that needs you.  Think about every person you build a relationship with in business, there is a child that needs them as well!  As a team we just helped to raise 1.5 million dollars this past year.  Your part may have been to only share a post on facebook or give 50 or 100 dollars and maybe you’ve gotten yourself to a place where you were able to do even more.  Maybe thousands or tens of thousands this year alone.  Every person we bring into our influence in business, and definitely a home business can help as well day one.  It may be just sharing a post on facebook or sharing these articles, but as we help them to learn more skill and pay off their own debt then they eventually are the ones making donations to the poor that is in the 10’s of 1000s like many we work with have done this year.

No one did it day one or even month one.  But because of our home businesses and Dani Johnson’s training many of us are making a difference in people’s lives forever.  No matter where we are as we gain skill set and influence our impact gets bigger at home and in the poorest places on earth!

If you truly read every word of this I’m sincerely humbled I know many people just skim, but this message was for YOU directly!



I hope you can go to Haiti one day and find my heart, but please leave it there.
To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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