I’m Thankful for YOU, Thank You


You have a very special place in my heart,


Yesterday as I drove for over 5 hours from the mountains it got quiet in my car as everyone dosed off and I was driving.  One thing I was reflecting on as we were coming home is how many of the people I’ve met in business have had a very enjoyable impact on my everyday life.  You definitely make my life better in a very real tangible way.  Thank you for that.

One of my biggest regrets is I can’t be enough of a help to enough people.  We have had successes and failures together.I wish I could help you avoid every failure that you would ever face especially in this business.  I wish I could give you that one ingredient or tip that you needed in the right moment to close that one sale.  Or to close more sales.  It is so frustrating not always having all the answers you need right away and definitely right then.

We are fortunate as at team from what I’ve seen we have the highest level of success of any where else in our industry.  We have the most success over all.  We have the most people inspiring others through their work and experiences.  We are making a bigger difference than any group of people I know of in our industry.  But that’s not enough.  There are more people who need our help and some of them are among us.  It could be that brand new stay at home mom nervous scared and just starting.  It could be that dad who has been doing OK but now he’s hit a barrier because he has new anxiety of losing what was once a safe and secure job.  It could be that grand parent that enjoyed their golden years until now, and NOW they see their grand kids struggling.

As I think of other people’s struggles I think of my own as well.  The truth is I’m human and we can never forget the saying, "All the world’s a stage".  The fact is we have talked on the phone before and I most definitely stared one of my biggest challenges in the face and in that season I was even afraid.  But because I felt I had to be a leader, I boldly put that mask on for you.  The fact is you may not  even known it.  But in one conversation, in one laugh, in one strategy session you helped me move forward with confidence.  When you called or instant messaged to tell me about your hotprospect or latest sale you inspired me in a moment I needed to be inspired.

As I reflect upon this I really can’t say thank you enough.  I’ve learned new skills and great lessons along the way but with out you it would not be possible.  Then an incredible feeling of excitement comes over me.  You may or may not have known what I was going through but you helped me in an incredible way.  So I’m definitely not enough of what people need when they need it.  But our efforts are multiplied as we work together as a team we will change the futures of families one at a time.  It is as easy as just sharing your story on a live call, being a ear for someone to talk to, it could be a message on facebook or an encouraging email.  But we don’t ever know what our long term impact is.  The truth is we can’t measure it and it’s extremely difficult to grasp.

Keep doing what you are doing.  Let’s keep working as a team.  A struggling people needs us (sometimes that people is even us and we aren’t telling others).  You have been a part of many parts that has changed my life and others forever.

I wanted to say a special Thank You to you as well as the following Amazing People I’ve gotten to know!


Jay Jackson,

Kimberly Bixby

Lovie in TX

Ruby Langdon

Tanya Peck

Al Gillespie

Anissa Bustos

Capri Mulder

Carrie Walters

Chad Gibbs

Chantal Maheu

Cherril Babbs

Cheryl Walters

Daniel Ross

David DeRego

Diana Repko

Diane Myers

Don Mills

Eddie Iduoze

Eric Gunlock

Toni Cloud

Hilary Snyder

Jennifer Murphy

John Lynch

Jolie Nichols

Joseph Abraham

Karen Schellack

Kaye Brantley

Kenny Wilkinson

Larry and Heidi Jones

Laurie Wilson

Lea Lucas

Lisa Crutcher

Lynne Kessler

Megan Pratt

Micha Ensor

Michelle Nivens

Michelle Tascoe

Mike Saturday

Anissa Bustos

Nichole Gechell

Nikki Raichart

Paula Tucker

Richard and Diane Essi

Sally Nakles

Sharon Dwyer

Sherry Griner

Susan Weems

Suzan Watkins

Terrie Ross

Tim Nichols

William Bouch

Zac Mulder


We will have our standard Team Meeting Monday Evening at 5pm on our Team Line.

To Our Successes and Others,
Stacy O’Quinn



  1. Paul Nash says:

    Stacy, I know this email I received was intended for your Team. It still made good reading to show you care for the People you brought into this Business. You know I wish you and Jackie the very best in all you do and all the other DFI/Coastal members. Some are doing really well and some like me are Dead in the Water. I am trying to plug the hole in my Boat boat so I can catch some wind (win) and take off.

    I came aboard September 2010. I have yet to close a prospect. No one’s problem but mine. I went to First Steps in Atlanta soon after I came aboard. I am trying to figure a way to go to Flordia in January 2012 for a Boost.

    Take Care and Good Luck.


  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comment. I think your director cares also. But I’d love to connect with you in Orlando. Not sure what’s going on persay but I’d love to connect with you and see what’s up.

    I think you are a great guy Paul. If I could help you plug the holes I definately will.

    Talk Soon,

    P.S. Someone cared about me when I was going through a tough time. Only reason I’m here.

  3. Capri says:

    Hey Stacy,
    Thanks for the post. It was heartfelt and sincere. I appreciate your real-ness!

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