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Do you believe in reaping and sowing? How about karma? You know good karma and bad karma, bad karma hangs over us like a dark cloud. Until you build up some of that good stuff that bad karma just chases you. You keep having those days you can’t do nothing right.

OK maybe karma’s not your thing and you don’t really grasp reaping and sowing, how about “what goes around comes around”. You ‘ve heard that before I’m sure.

What if it was possible to have good people just randomly do good things for you. Some of us ๐Ÿ™‚ would call it a blessing. Do you know one of the best ways to be blessed? Do something simply out of the kindness of your heart for someone else and bless them. That’s an example of sowing good things, and if we sow good things then we must reap good things.

LISTEN UP! It doesn’t have to be a big thing either, just selfless.

Here’s a selfless opportunity for you. Below is a letter I got from a very success business woman Angela Lasher who I’ve partnered with over the years. She’s had such an incredible impact on so many people’s lives. She’s smart, intelligent and just knows how to get things done and benefit others at the same time. She has something she cares about and we can take 2 minutes of our day and help her for a good cause.

PLUS: you will be building good Karma, Sowing good things or making sure when you need someone they are there!

REMEMBER! It’s the small things we do that has the largest impact.

FROM: Angela Lasher

Ok, everyone we need your help! Let’s all pay it forward…..

My fiance’s sister, Jessica Griesemer has Cystic Fibrosis. She is 23 years old. She is a Speech Pathology Major and just began her first 2 years in West Chester University’s Grad school program. Jessica is one of 40 CF students who is up for a $17,000 scholarship. The student with the most votes will win the scholarship. This is where she needs your help.

She is hardworking, amazing heart to help people and is excited to help 100’s and ,000’s of childen with there speech. This will take just 5 min. of your time to place your votes for her. Every person is allowed to place 1 vote in 3 different ways, for a total of 3 votes per person.

1. Vote on the website: www.solvaycaresscholarship.com (It’s under Jessica G.)
2. Call the toll free number, 1-888-305-9808 (she is number 17, just enter that in with the # sign)
3. Send a text to 30364 (type in…VOTE 17)

On the website you will see her short story and picture attached.

The deadline to place your voted is October 15, 2009. Please pass this on to those that you know and let’s pay it forward!

We appreciate your help! Thank you soooo much you guys!!! This team rocks and I have faith you all will help her out!!!

Please respond to this e-mail when you have voted all 3 ways, so we know how many voted we have, thanks again!

God Bless!!

Angela Lasher

Thanks for your help! See that wasn’t hard!

Yours Truly,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. I think it’s that reaping and sowing thing that has caused our company DFI to have so many success stories, it’s just a great group of people to work with. They way we all help each other is just powerful!

P.S.S. DFI is an incredible Company full of Mom’s and Dad’s who get to work from home spending free time with there kids. Angela actually made 40K in the last 2 months. Not bad for a stay home mom either ๐Ÿ™‚

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