In a Legitimate Home Business, Integrity is your Best Asset


If you own, operate or are in a legitimate home business or maybe you are looking for a legitimate home business; once you find it remember Integrity is your best asset for success.  In a world where greed over comes common sense many times people will say and do whatever it takes to make a dollar.  For many of us when we are shopping around for anything, yes even a viable way to make a living we carry some level of natural skepticism. 

If you have nothing to hide, if you are upfront and honest, if you are not attempting to miss lead anyone you will stand out in a world that is quite different.  Many people say one thing but there heart is truly different.  If your heart and your tongue are lined up you will have success.  Legitimacy is one of the rare qualities that exist in the business world today.  If we have real Integrity and not try to say what people want to hear but tell them what they need to hear people will naturally listen.  The home based business world is very interesting, people claim a lot but it’s not what you say which convinces someone of what you have.  It what you don’t say, it’s your nonverbal they can sense even if they can’t see you.

How many of you can tell when someone is lying?  Your customers, clients and potential business partners have been lied to.  Once you as a legitimate home business owner sets yourself apart in your intentions and present yourself you will have more success.  Don’t try to hide anything!  If you mean well don’t get lost in what’s the right words to say to a question, be real and genuine and the right words will come out to your client.

Any success gain, not just in a legitimate home business but in any business is short term if you are not upfront, honest and encouraging in the way you work.  It’s your intentions that creates Integrity in your actions.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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