Is Your Home Business Taking You to London?


It should, London and any where else you desire.  If you haven’t been to London or that one special trip you want.  It’s not that you have the wrong legitimate home business.  Maybe you don’t believe it can really take you where you want to go.  This weekend as my wife and I spend 5 days in London, seeing the London Tower, Big Ben, Changing of the Guard, Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral not to mention the awesome food.  It hit me that when I started working from home at first I didn’t believe my business could really take me this far.  Therefore at times I may have seen it as just a band aid financially not a way of life.

Now as I’m flying back from London it hit me, this is just one of many trips this year.  We are going to Orlando, Nicaragua, Pittsburgh, Biloxi MS, Baton Rouge LA, Blessing TX and maybe even a cruise.  I have an amazing wife, we home school our kids, are debt free and actively building an incredible portfolio of investments.  Our home business has not only become lucrative but it’s become a way of life.  A non traditional life that’s for sure.  We are along ways from our 292,000 worth of debt and our 25,000 dollar a year military pay. 

So is it our lifestyle because we joined the right home business?  HELL NO!  There are a ton of great home businesses out there.  The key is do you believe you are in the right business and are you treating it as the business that can give you a lifestyle of financial freedom, time freedom and family freedom?  Do you work your home business like Dani Johnson teaches, is it a real business?  Or is it a Hobby?

If you have a real business several things must be happening.

1.  You have set business hours, like every other business

2.  You know exactly how to get and retain clients

3.  You have solid training and you can teach someone else exactly how they can make at least a 6 figure income?  (Do you know how?)

4.  You dress, act, work like the executive you are as you develop different channels of distribution heading up that channel of a multimillion dollar company.

5.  You truly believe in the power of your home business and it’s not by what you are saying but by what you are doing.

6.  You have a system that allows you to truly duplicate your own efforts and help others duplicate their efforts.

7.  You know who Dani Johnson is and you apply her techniques.

I hope to meet you in London or some city in this amazing world God created as we are financially free together and eating our hearts out on various cuisine’s in all the different countries and cities.  We can talk about our journey together and our next step of success.

God Bless,
Stacy O’Quinn

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