Is Your Product Worth it?


When you are looking for a lucrative home business one of the biggest concerns should be the value of your product.  Is your product really worth it money you pay or are there better valued options out there?  I say this to you simply because if your product is not a great value then naturally you will have MANY MANY competitors and that makes it very difficult if you represent that product or service.

Most people who follow me know that I work in the travel industry.  Now that being said, it is the right industry for me and what I’m about to share is for example purposes only.  There are many great valued products and services in all industries.  But you have to be able to prove it and show it.  If people know that a product or service, will produce results and rewards for them over and over again they will see the value for it and pay for it. 

Here is a prime example.  We just came back from spending the month of September on vacation down in Orlando, FL.  On that vacation we spent 10 days at Disney going to all the parks including the water parks.  We did not stay motels or hotels but rather 2 bedroom and 2 bath condos w/ full kitchens.  We spent 4 days at Universal studies and Islands of Adventure. We also did Discovery Cove w/ 14 days at Seaworld and Aquatica.  Plus, many dinner shows, mini golf and side entertainment and adventures. The entire vacation we saved $5,334.04 for our family. This doesn’t count the savings we shared with some friends that went with us as well.

I share that to say the product we market to give you that savings only cost the client $1,295.  For example purposes I’ll outline some of the savings we got and post a few links to video documentation to prove it.

September Month Long Vacation Savings in Orlando FL

Location                                            Savings

Sweet Tomatoes                                $12.76 (20% off ate there twice)
Silver Lake Resort                              $1,000.00
Arabian Nights
(Buy one get one free)                         $66.00
Congo River Golf                                 $12.80
Disney Tickets (all parks 10 days)        $100.00
Papa John’s <—funny video                 $20.50  (3 meals total 25% off each)
Pirates Dinner Adventure
(Buy one get one free)                         $85.60
Wyndam Bonnet Creek Resort             $1,500.00
Boston Lobster Feast                          $12.89
Universal Studios and Adv. Islands
4 Day passes  (2 Days free with Pkg)   $624.40
Hot Air Balloon Ride                            $110.00
Discovery Cove                                   $60.00
Seaworld 14 Days                               FREE w/ Disc. Cove
Aquatica 14 Days                               FREE w/ Disc. Cove
Uno’s                                                $5.00
Cypress Palms Resort                        $800.00
Prate’s Cove Mini Golf
(Buy one get one half off)                    $6.50
Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf                 $17.84
Cypress Pointe Resort                       $900.00

A Month of Fun Savings                    $5,334.04
Weekly Savings of    $1,333.51

Now this is an easy example of a product that clearly shows it’s value.  But any product can do that, if you love health products then it’s arguable that what value do you put on health?  If you have an insurance product well, what value is not having that coverage? 

The bottom line is this, if you want a lucrative income from a legitimate home business you HAVE to have a product that provides the value to the client.  The more value you can provide to the market place the easier it will be.

Have a Blessed Day,
Stacy O’Quinn

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