It Pays to Be Dumb


It’s pretty funny to say this but one of the biggest reason’s people succeed is they are smart enough to be dumb at the right times.  I’ll be the first to admit it.  I ain’t real bright.  Heck all you have to do is read this blog a little and figure out, I’m not all that technically savvy. I have to pay someone to do most anything significant on a technical scale.  But I’ve still managed how to earn a lot of money.

What we do and following the Dani Johnson model is pretty dang straight forward.  It’s actually one of our biggest down falls is people look at what we do and think it’s suppose to be harder than what it is.  Most people struggle when they find a “successful system or path to wealth”.  Too often they second guess it and use their brains  and opinion to reinvent the wheel.  I did the same thing at first with Dani Johnson’s script, having no success previously certainly not making a million a year.  I somehow thought I had a better way.  So I changed things up and questioned how things were done and that wasn’t creating results either. Actually it was a complete nightmare.

Finally it hit me, someone has created a mouse trap that can trap a certain amount of mice.  Until I mastered the current mouse trap who was I to think I could improve it?  So I got dumb and it has paid well to be dumb we paid of $292,000 in debt and we make multiple 6 figures every year.  Have I learned a thing or two over the years and gotten better? YES!  But do I second guess a working mouse trap?  The key is working!  Does it work for others?  Is it currently working?  Can I prove it’s working through others results?

If the answer is YES, YES and YES, I’m smart enough to be dumb enough to not second guess it.  This year I will be identifying 10 BRAND NEW people to help make a 6 Figure Income.  I’ve learned and continue to learn how to master the mouse trap Dani Johnson created through her script books.  I’ve mastered teaching people how to apply what Dani does to our company, but I’m too dumb to work with people smarter than me that are choosing to create a brand new mouse trap from scratch.

IF it’s simple, I can do it!  As we start the new year, I’m looking for people like you who may need a simple step by step approach.  That can follow directions, have a strong desire to be out of debt, have a blast traveling the world and helping others.  If that’s you maybe our paths with cross.  If not maybe you have a better mouse trap already.


Happy New Year and May the Lord Bless you and Your Family,
Stacy O’Quinn

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