It’s a Great Day to be YOU!


The title says it all! Think about it! If you listen to the news much, which I really would not recommend it right now. Here’s what you see…

-Two politicians arguing and slamming each other every day.

-Our Economy is collapsing and we are going to have to pay 700 Billion dollars to bail it out.
(Most of us have to wander how many zero’s are in a billion much less 700 of them)

-People are getting raped, murdered, stole from or hurt by someone else everyday it seems.

Right now when people say your money doesn’t go as far as you would like it too or it’s not worth as much, you can agree with them. But wait, isn’t that always the case? Let me ask you wouldn’t you have enjoyed more money 2 years ago? what about 5 years ago? maybe 10? It’s just suddenly now we aren’t doing well and our life sucks if you watch the news or listen to the drum beat!

Stop and think for a moment about what we do have to be grateful for…

1. Do you work from home?

2. Who calls the shots in your life? Did you determine what time to set your alarm clock last night? Was that your choice?

3. Did you pray to your God?

4. Did you hug your spouse today?

5. Did you hug your kids today?

6. Could you go to the grocery store today and buy food?

7. What about McDonalds?

8. Where you able to hang out with friends this weekend?

9. Did you have the ability to decide to go to church this weekend?

10. Who controls your time?

11. When you woke up this morning where you able to take a nice long deep breath before you got started?

12. When you walked outside did you get a chance to see and hear the birds?

You see there are a lot of people that don’t work from home, have control of their time or get any of the basic things listed above that we get to be grateful for. So when you hear the negative drum beat out there, it maybe important to know what’s going on but don’t let it control what you do or how you feel!

It’s a great day to be YOU!
Stacy O’Quinn

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