It’s about the people you help, Stupid!


So often there is a guru out there somewhere claiming how great they are at this or that.  How much money THEY made or what ever.  But the bottom line is this, it’s not about the money you made personally or anything else.  What I want to tell all those guru’s is it’s not about how much money you make it’s about how many people you help STUPID!

This weekend as I was looking at another potential rental property, it hit me that everyone should have this shot!  I’ve helped a ton of people make money marketing the Coastal Travel Packages, but I need to take that a step forward and help people, make so much money they become debt free and they and start investing their own money, and that invested money covers their bills. That is real financial freedom!  I need to show others the things God’s put me in a place to learn.  I need to help other to learn as well like how I made 40% in the stock market in a year that the market didn’t actually go up.  Or how we have built a substantial real estate portfolio, that essentially pays our bills so everything else we earn is gravy.

It’s not about how much we make if we don’t help others to succeed and build real wealth as well.  I’m about to do something incredible for a small group I’m working with.  History will be made!  People are going to have results like they’ve never had before.

Here is what I did last year with a small group.

But it wasn’t enough.  YOU SEE, making money alone isn’t building wealth.  But to learn wealth principles you need to increase your income. We are taking it to a whole new level now.  Stay tuned for more details….


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. Can you take a hold of real opportunity when it comes.  Most let it walk by.

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