It’s Blitz Week in Coastal Travel thanks to DFI


Have you ever heard of a blitz? Do you know what a blitz is? In football it’s a sudden rush to get the Quarterback. In military terms it’s a full frontal assault to complete an objective. In DFI a blitz is complete and total team work all together with a strong desire to create more results for others then have ever created in their business.

Do you know what DFI and Coastal Travel is? Have you ever heard of DFI? If not and to get more info about Coastal Travel and DFI then go check here “DFI/Coastal Travel“. The DFI marketing and support team was the first ever in history to sponsor a blitz for Coastal Travel Directors.

This week will have “3 Start your Day Off Right” calls at 9am EST Tuesday, Wed., and Thursday. We will have 3 total business overview calls at 1pm, 5pm, and 8:30pm on the same days. Also Cutting Edge Media has agreed to provide us with a lead special as well. Any Coastal Travel specific leads purchased from between today and Thursday will also receive an additional free redirect lead for each specific purchased.

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Together we Succeed,
Stacy O’Quinn

You maybe wandering what is a Coastal Travel specific lead? In DFI we work with two primary advertising partners that advertise for us and provide us with clients so that when we call a client they are expecting to hear us. NO ONE EVER wants to cold call and of course DFI does not recommend that and I personally would not build a business if I had to cold call.

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