It’s Time For You To Step Up


It’s the only way you will ever reach your fullest potential. Your life, opportunities and blessings were not meant for you alone!  You aren’t suppose to struggle.  You aren’t suppose to be in debt. You aren’t suppose to spend only and hour or two a day with your family. You aren’t suppose to have no influence or impact.

You were designed by the Great Designer to do great things.  You are suppose to not only be debt free and live a privileged life of freedom for you and your family but, influence and ability to impact others.  You desire to work at home, you desire to be self employed or just earn extra money and no longer stress or struggle?  GREAT but you were meant for even more!!!! Your success depends on the big picture.

What he can get through you he will get to you.  Years ago I learned the value of giving when I gave in a moment of desperation.  When I tithed for the first time and mathematically there wasn’t enough dollars for the bills coming in.  But that action changed me forever.  Then I was inspired by people like Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner.  Business people that made giving the reason for their business and that created a whole new purpose for success.  Even if you only give 10%. What if you focused on how big you could grow the 10% versus focusing on the 90% you keep?

Your success certainly isn’t for you alone.  You are meant to teach others and give back to those less fortunate.  Living a life of teaching some to fish and giving others a fish.  You can’t wait till you have “arrived”, you must put those steps into action now!  What is your 10% now?  Who do you help with it?

Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner are helping to build a home for some boys in India.  Children who saw their parents abused, raped and tortured before they were murdered.  These boys need a place to live and while I can’t write a million dollar check right now (I wish I could) but I do have at least my 10%.  Let’s Join Dani Johnson, Jeff Usner and others helping these children.  It will take a small army will you join Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner?


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Our Success is not ours alone!
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Special thanks to Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner for inspiring me and helping me to help others.  Now it’s your turn!  You can inspire people that Dani, Jeff and I don’t know.  You are one decision away from a new direction and total break through!

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