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Jackie OQuinn is being featured in a home business publication do to his success in DFI and Coastal Travel while utilizing Dani Johnson and her training. Jackie is an internationally known leader in DFI and a trainer for all of Coastal Travel. Those that work with him are certainly blessed. When we are at events people line up to pick his brain.

Jackie can be reached on his Toll Free number at 1-800-620-3019

A Healthy Home Business
By Brian Bianca

Jackie O’Quinn traded in his nurse’s scrubs for a travel-based opportunity that’s given him a lifestyle beyond his wildest dreams.

Jackie O’Quinn assumed he would be a nurse his entire life. It’s what he went to school for. It was a career he enjoyed, and one he was good at. There were some drawbacks—he only brought home about $2,000 a month after taxes, his hours rotated constantly and resulted in many long shifts—but for three years he took the good with the bad because he treasured being able to make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.

Eventually, though, salary became a sticking point as Jackie started to slip into debt. He had trouble finding ways to supplement his income due to his fluctuating hours. He certainly didn’t want to give up nursing for good, but he needed to find a way to earn some extra cash to keep his bank account in the black.

“I thought I would always do this part time,” Jackie remembers. “I was in debt and I wanted to find a way to make some extra money to pay it off. I wanted to have more freedom—the idea of having to work bad shifts, no consistency, and no control over my time was terrible. I figured that if I got lucky and found something that worked, I’d always do nursing part time.”

Since his schedule made working a second traditional job was out of the question, Jackie narrowed his search to home-based businesses, something he could build from home on his downtime. One opportunity in particular, Coastal Vacations, stood out to him because of their large upfront commissions and steep discounts on travel, hotels, and airfare. He had experimented with a few direct sales companies in the past with little success but knew right off the bat that this was something special.

“Coastal has a product that you can’t go to Wal-Mart and purchase, and I felt that a customer can easily see the value in the product,” Jackie explains. “I wanted the product. Plus, the profit margin is significant. The customer gets a massive discount and I knew that would be evident.”

Another big plus was the training offered by Decide Freedom International (DFI), the marketing and support arm of Coastal. “With DFI, we have advertising firms that consistently bring clients to us. We have the industry’s best training with Dani Johnson. We have an automated marketing system to
help the newest person manage a profitable business, and most importantly we have people that genuinely care about our success,” he says.

As excited as he was, Jackie was well aware of his past failures and waded in slowly, working his business eight to 12 hours a week around his nursing schedule. If he was on the evening shift, he’d work the phones in the morning.

When it was time to switch back over to day shift, Jackie would come home and dedicate part of his night to Coastal. The complete flexibility of the business allowed him to continue his nursing work and not miss a beat at home.

His sales grew slowly but steadily over the first few months, providing him with enough extra income to live comfortably. Jackie didn’t even consider making Coastal his full-time career until attending a training seminar with Dani Johnson that opened his eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.
“I went to that training event and 30 days after I returned I had made $14,995 dollars. That’s when I pretty much knew this was something I could pursue,” Jackie says. “My take-home pay as a nurse was only around $2,000 a month. I’m at work talking to patients and thinking that I could be at home making phone calls and building my business.”

Twelve months after starting his home business part time, Jackie was earning $70,000 annually—more than double what he took home from his nursing gig. “I was beginning to feel like I was losing money being at work,” he says. So after some thought, Jackie decided to trim down his hospital hours and concentrate on Coastal fulltime. He committed to four shifts a month, but found that he was so busy traveling and enjoying his business that even those small amount of hours was becoming too much to handle.

Finally Debbie, Jackie’s nurse manager, approached him on the eve of a three-week vacation and informed him that he would need to honor his obligation or resign his position at the hospital. Jackie hopped on a plane and never went back to the hospital.

Today, he spends about 20 or 25 hours a week on his home business, allotting the rest of his time to his passions—luxury travel, cigars, family, charity work, and the occasional long nap. He and his girlfriend, Carmen, recently returned from a nine-day vacation to Bora Bora, where they saved $10,200 using their Coastal membership. Jackie has also enjoyed several exotic cruises and three-day mini-vacations since joining Coastal Vacations.

He gets a chuckle out of waking up in the winter and seeing his neighbors shovel out their driveways in the dark so they can make it to the office on time. “I just go back to sleep because there’s nowhere I need to be,” he says simply. “I typically start work around 9 am, and it’s completely built around my schedule. There are no meetings and parties to go to —everything is from home. If something comes up with my family, I don’t have to ask permission to take time off. I just go. When it comes to medical stuff, I’m the nurse in the family—I just hop in the car and drive or hop on a plane. You can do this business from anywhere.”

Jackie knows this better than most: he recently left Goldsboro, North Carolina and moved to Saginaw, Michigan to be with his girlfriend. All he needed to do to relocate his business was unplug his laptop and take it with him.

Coastal Vacations has given Jackie a new career, an improved personal life, and all the freedom he could ask for. The only thing left to do is to help more people get started.

“When I was a nurse I helped people every day—this is no different,’ Jackie says. “It’s the same rewarding feeling.”
a healthyhome business

To connect with Jackie directly call him 1-800-620-3019

Thanks for all you do for our team Jackie,
Stacy O’Quinn

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