James Malinchak an ABC Secret Millionaire


James Malinchak has spent much of his life assisting and serving others. He runs a training, coaching, consulting, and seminar business and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. His business was recently featured in Millionaire Blueprints, a business publication, and Malinchak is one of the highest paid and sought-after marketing consultants in the United States. In addition, he is a top-selling author and has been featured on the big screen.

Before creating his current business, Malinchak experienced success as a financial advisor. People started asking him to deliver business growth and motivational speeches. As a motivational and business speaker, Malinchak is now considered one of the best. He has delivered more than 2,200 presentations to colleges, universities, business organizations, associations, and corporations worldwide and has worked with an assortment of professional athletes and celebrities.

At one point, other speakers began asking Malinchak to share his techniques. In response, he became a business marketing coach, creating what is referred to as “The #1 Big Money Speaker Training” program. Malinchak competed against 80 other people for 2008-2009 GKIC Marketer of the Year and took home the title. He was one of only 50 experts featured in Pass It On, a 2007 movie about steps the leaders of today took to achieve success. This seven-figure earner has also authored 16 books and products, including co-authoring Chicken Soup for the College Soul.

In a mere eight months, Malinchak helped raise more than $350,000 for various charitable organizations, contributing $160,000 himself. Malinchak appeared on the inaugural season of the ABC hit television show, Secret Millionaire. Initially, he was hesitant to participate but once the producers helped him understand that the true intention was to inspire hope in the average person, he was one hundred percent committed.

This millionaire attributes much of his inspiration in life to his sister Vicki, who lost her life to a brain tumor. He also credits Secret Millionaire, which allowed him to interact with some amazing people. In his words, his exposure to those who serve and give impacted his heart and soul. He hopes that his involvement inspires real-life heroes to continue their worthwhile efforts.

Malinchak believes that giving to others is the greatest gift anyone can provide. Whether time, money, or skills are offered, the feeling of making a positive different is unrivaled. This millionaire said Secret Millionaire taught him that being rich is more than having money. It seems he took away as many valuable lessons as he provided.

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