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Jeff Usner,has earned millions and is being featured this year on ABC’s Secret Millionaire giving away part of his fortune going undercover in San Antonio TX.  Helping many underprivileged who have no idea who he is.  It’s an inspiring and impactful story to watch and had to be amazing to actually be him and go through it.

But who is Jeff Usner and how did Jeff earn his millions?  Jeff started like most of us he thought he was suppose to go to school get good grades and then get a prestigious job.  He realized as he was going through medical school that while the career maybe prestigious and while we need doctors and they tend to make an above average income.  The income with out a quality of life or working for someone else and being a “slave” to their needs over your families just wasn’t worth it.

He then started pursuing ways to increase his income and eventually landed in a lucrative home business.  Like a few of ABC’s Secret Millionaires got their initial start in a home based business.  While many got there start there and millions of wealthy people learned, developed and grew in that environment, people like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.  Jeff Usner not only made his first million in a home based business he never really went far from his roots.  Jeff learned a critical lesson in his initial business venture and that was with out continuing to get clients you have no real business.

That is what he learned to master then and has continued to master now.  Jeff knows how to create leads especially for the home based business model.  If you have a home based business model that is already lucrative.  Jeff can help you make it more lucrative by either providing you clients directly (he’s helped me earn a 6 figure income like this) or he can teach you through his Internet Marketing training how to use his techniques to possibly learn to acquire clients on your own.


Thank you  Jeff Usner for not only helping us professionally but thank you for your faith, belief and example you set by giving back to others.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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