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Jeff Usner is in the highly anticipated TV Reality Show Secret Millionaire.  He’s made millions in Internet Marketing but who is he?  Who is this guy that gives away 100’s of 1000’s of dollars even before the show or before he was famous due to his giving in San Antonio TX?

Jeff has come a long ways from dropping out of Med School way back when and today he makes more than most doctors ever dreamed annually.  An entrepreneur at heart he has always earned income in “non-traditional” ways.  Shortly after Med School Jeff Usner broke records in a company selling legal services and made a 7 figure income in that publicly traded company selling those services over the Internet something that was non-traditional at that time.  He has always continued be “non-traditional” through good seasons and bad.

No matter what industry or what capacity he’s worked in he always went back to his roots the Internet.  He’s learned that as industries and companies change so can you.  Your knowledge is the one thing that will never go away.  The more knowledge and skill you obtain you can always change with any company or industry or you always have options if you were ever laid off or found yourself unemployed.  It’s a principle that every Internet Marketer must know well, you must be changing and always learning what Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook or others are doing.  I’ve plugged into a lot of Mr. Usner’s training in the past and he’s done very well.  I’ve never been able to master the Internet but I’ve learned from him, that there is more than one way to skin a cat. 

Today I’ve learned a lot over the years being an average prior military dad just struggling to make a living to now a debt-free 6 figure income earning dad.  Who gets to take my kids all over the world as we give money to orphans and those less fortunate.  While not being successful plugging in to Mr. Usner’s training like his current Profit Hub I’ve relied on him still for a lot of my success.  See if you’ve attempted Internet Marketing and haven’t mastered it.  Profit Hub will walk you through the basic concepts in a very concrete way.  But if Internet Marketing isn’t your thing you can still benefit from  Jeff’s ability and Internet wisdom.  Jeff no longer works in the legal services field to my knowledge but he does help a select few companies to generate very high quality leads for what they do.  Jeff has been helping Coastal Travel generate leads for almost 4 years.  If you have a solid advertising firm like his at that point it’s what can you market to create the highest profit margin for you, your family and others?


Thank You Sir for all you do,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S.  Jeff Usner today is an incredible Internet Coach/Mentor, Dad, Husband, Spiritual Leader, Example for others and just a decent human being who has learned a lot. 


P.S.S. While I haven’t been able to quite master what he’s taught, he’s still been a key component to my success.  You can join Profit Hub and learn to generate traffic and leads and if that doesn’t work you can work with a company that benefits from what he’s already mastered like Coastal Travel.

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