This was originally posted over at www.dfiteam.com but it’s been an honor to watch Mrs Schade’s business grow over the last few years.  She started with she was 18.  Congrats KERI!    –Stacy O’Quinn


Keri from South Dakota has success written all over her. Why? As a young woman under the age of thirty, she is already debt free, was able to quit her job last August to be home full-time, became a newly-wed at the end of last year, runs a successful Coastal Travel business on a part-time basis, and in fact, in the last few weeks profited over $20,000.  She teaches dance classes because she loves to and not because she has to make an income, and the cherry on top… she is expecting a baby girl due in October!
How many of us would want to have all of those accomplishments before we were 30?
The answer is a no-brainer! For Mrs. Schade it all started with a decision at age 19.
All I can say is that success runs in the family. Her mom is Jolynn Skarin (May’s Hero of the Month). I guess when you see your mom doubling her annual salary in just 6 months working part-time from home it probably shakes up everything you are told about going to college to get a good job and starting your life with a ton of student loan debt. That change in direction is exactly what happened when Keri was just 19 years old. At that time, Keri was working as a waitress only making about $8,000 a year and a full-time college student. Her new path has fast tracked her to a great success, living a lifestyle that many people don’t reach even after they have worked all their lives.
What did it take? Coastal Travel + Consistency + Training + Team = Freedom!!!
So how does Mrs. Schade work consistently? First, Keri has a schedule that she works 4 hours a day Monday through Thursday. When things come up like a doctor appointment for her baby on the way she has the ability to extend her hours to finish work on Friday and Saturday to compensate for any work time she missed. The fact is, at a normal job when you are trading hours for dollars, most jobs give you the ability to make up that time so you can get paid for the full 40 hours. Keri can remember when she was doing the work of 2 people at her regular job but still got paid the same rate. With Coastal Travel, anytime you put in that kind of extra effort you absolutely get compensated directly in upwards of $9,705.
What difference has training made for Mrs. Schade? Well any professional athlete, even Olympians, go through the proper training and ongoing training with a coach and mentor to reach maximum success. That is the difference between a professional basketball player and a “weekend” basketball player hobbyist. In Keri’s professional opinion, “if you don’t stay plugged into training it is easy for your mind to wander out of success and into medioricty.”
Lastly, it’s all about the team! Teamwork, team environment, team inspiration! What is true is when you are new, it is the team that carries you through. At the end of the day we inspire each other and get inspired by each either. Keri has been inspired by fellow Coastal Directors’ stories, their struggles, their personal issues and finally, their transformation. The transformation often begins from the impact that Coastal Travel makes to someone’s bank account.
What has been unique is that right now Keri is experiencing the funnel of favor in all areas of her life. The funnel of favor is the time when finally everything is going right financially, in relationships, in work, and with family- the favor you have flowing through your Coastal business manifests into everything you do. It is like finding the sweet spot and of course, you just can’t believe that life could be this good! How many of you want that?
One of Mrs Schade’s goals for her next $100K that she will make with Coastal Travel is to send out secret gifts in her community to those that are less fortunate. But the ultimate goal is for her and her husband to build a custom home that they have always wanted. What is even more impressive about this successful young woman is that there is no doubt in her mind she will accomplish this with her Coastal business. Well Mrs. Schade, you are already 1/5 of the way to your $100k and breaking ground on your custom dream home!
Thank you Keri for all that you do and the inspiration that you are of someone following in their parent’s footsteps of success and leaving a legacy for your kids to prosper in as well! You are DFI’S HERO OF THE MONTH!

"I can honestly say I have NO IDEA where I’d be at or what I’d be doing if it weren’t for Coastal Travel and the DFI team. The system, support, and integrity of DFI is like nothing I’ve ever seen before!" -Keri Schade


If Keri could do it anybody can!

Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. Michelle Tascoe and Keri Schade both of you have inspired me over the years in Coastal Travel.  You prove that mom’s can be at home with their kids and still produce a solid income!

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