Last Day of Vacation?


What do you do on your last day of vacation?  This is my last day of vacation, 16 days away with very little Internet and Facebook and a rare moment of completely unplugging.  Which is unusual since most of my vacations I still do some work, it’s not like it’s that hard.

But what do you do on the last day?  YOU PLAN FOR THE NEXT ONE! 

Why not?  You and I create the rules in our life.  Think about it life is like a Lego set.  You can take each individual part and create countless outcomes like a child who doesn’t put limits on their imagination or If you follow  the instructions in the box like everyone else you get the same predictable outcome of everyone else.  Most of society is following the instructions in the box (Go to work come home, go to work, come home and maybe 2 weeks of vacation a year) and like Dani Johnson says, “98% are dead or dead broke by  the age of 65, only 2% are financially free”. Only 2% are living their own life. Traveling the world, from one adventure and one purpose to the next.

So on my next vacation are you going with me?  What are you waiting for?  When is the best time to start living your life?  I’m going to be meeting a group of friends next month in San Antonio TX for 10 days.  Later in the summer I’m going to stay at a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains and tube down a cold mountain stream on a summer day.  Then we will be spending a few weeks at the beach in the early fall with a large group of friends I get to work with. Will you be there?

Very few people in this world are willing to step out and live the life they were designed to live.  Instead they keep reading the instructions that society and those around them have shown so well and keep putting life together like the Lego set. 

How well is that working for you?

So on the last day of vacation you should always be planning the next one!

I hope you are and hopefully we will be together, changing lives, helping others and having a blast!


Stacy O’Quinn

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