Leadership, Do You Have That Quality?



Leadership, it’s not a title that can be bestowed on someone, it’s not a gift that one person can give to another.  It’s what someone’s actions dictate that determines if they are a real leader.  All you have to do is look at the actions and fruit of one’s life and see if they possess some of the basis qualities that a true leader has.  Do they step up when a challenge comes? Do they care about people? What are their values? Are they passionate? Do they have commitment for the long term? Are they honest?

The fruit will tell you every single time.  I’ll show you a real world example so far this week. I started a contest giving away a measly $400 to anyone who would like, share, comment, tweet, create and repost original content that promoted a link that educated the public about some children that are helpless.  Here is the link to see what I mean.


Now for someone to really get excited and create their own content and promote this.  They have to be totally selfless and a true leader.  Face it we’ve all heard the stories of someone being attacked, mugged or beaten in public as many bystanders sit and watch.  Most people will not step up and take action to do something that they can’t benefit from… unless they are a real leader!

Just look at how many likes that article has, over 1000 people have heard about it.  Only 75 had an extra second to even liked it as of this writing.  Those 75 people have the potential to be leaders they weren’t just a bystander they at least took action when most didn’t.  Go to that page and see if any of your friends liked it or commented.  They are potentially leaders.

There are a few people that are dynamic and dynamite that are really stepping up to share and promote.  They have a chance to win the little contest to.  Those people are

Peter Harpster – Even wrote his own article
Stuart Lynn – He even made a challenge that any of his Facebook friends win the contest promoting the link he will give an extra 100 dollars to them.
Dorothy Graham – Sharing on Facebook
Christina Moyer – Wrote her own content, made her own videos and promoted the link.
Joanie Snaith – Actually sharing on Facebook
Dianne McGuigan – Sharing on Facebook
Kimberly Bixby – Sharing on Facebook
Sandra French – Sharing on Facebook
Rocio Taveras – Sharing on Facebook
Gauvar Superkar – Sharing on Facebook

Thank you to each one of these amazing examples of people who care about others.  This is Leadership when you take time out of your day and life to help someone else and you can’t get a dime for it in return!  Anyone that is connected to you or works with you I hope they know they have a real Leader in their midst!

Here is the link they are sharing and reposting, you could actually read it and still win the contest it end next Monday


Any one who has shared, liked or commented shows they actually care.  I have personal family that hasn’t like or shared or promoted the cause of the kids.  The funny thing we are even talking about someone giving money???  Just care enough to spread the word.  You can tell a lot about someone’s action. 

Be a Leader, Step up and help someone else.
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. If this is your first time hearing the message you can still step up.  We’d love to build our team of people who enjoy life, impacting people, helping others and learning what joy feels like.  Just like, comment, create your own unique content and pass the link own to others so they can joint us.


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