Leads Are Lives


There are a few basic keys to being successful with your home based business, but one is more important than any other.  For years I’ve seen many colleagues struggle with the challenges of working from home.  Usually it’s turning a lead into a client.  But it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

To me the biggest challenge is getting a new business owner to understand that if you have the product, service or opportunity to help your client you have to remember that.  What better option does your “Lead” have?  To often people struggle turning a lead into a sale but they forget that they are not calling “leads” but actually calling real people who need a helping hand.  And you have the best solution to their need.

helping hand

These are not “Leads” only, because leads are lives. You are calling a real person who has a real problem.  They could be dealing with over whelming stress and frustration.  The stress they may be dealing with could actually be causing health problems potentially having deadly side-effects as well, we all know the negative effects of over whelming stress.  The life you are calling could be a mom, dad or grandparent that is wanting to have solutions for their kids or grandkids.  You could be part of that solution.

To often people are calling leads by just dialing numbers.  You will help more people and close more sales if you always remember you are not calling a lead but you are dialing a life.  What better option do they have?  You must know you are the best solution to help them with the problem they have.  Then with passion you show them the answer to their prayers.

Helping One Person at a Time,
Stacy O’Quinn

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