Legitimate Alternatives to Generate Leads for Your Home Business


For any type of a legitimate business to work and be solid you have to have people to talk to who want what you have to offer.  Most of you know that in my own business I call leads as my primary method working with reputable solid advertising firms is definitely key.  It’s a no brainer way to make a great living and it’s very very easy to teach a new person how to do it.  But recently I’ve heard people ask, “What are some other methods to generate leads”? 

I’ve done some alternative marketing methods over the years and but nothing I would rely on but I’ve definitely made some good money generating leads in other less predictable but more creative ways.  So I took my experience and called a few leaders within our company and we did a specific training call showing our team what others have done that has worked.  If you are going to learn how to do something you must find someone who is doing it and will show you without pushing their own agenda. 

Today is one of the rare days I’m going to share a training call that is typically only reserved for our company.  Hopefully you can pull several tips from it and apply to your business.  The home business industry is an incredible way to make a living and legitimate companies are created by legitimate people having legitimate success so it’s time to share!

Grab a Pen and Paper and LISTEN NOW!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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