How to Find a Legitimate Home Business and Not be Scammed!


 Scams are all over the Internet and if you want to find a legitimate home business there are several things that you can do to help avoid any potential scams.  There are some basic rules and guidelines to keep in mind when you want a real work at home opportunity that is legitimate.  First look for a solid history and track record, ensure that you can use the protection of a credit card and finally ask for references.

A solid track record will eliminate most scams in the home business industry.  To be sure you are working with a legitimate company that is not some bogus scam or fly by night make sure that the company has a solid track record of at least 10 years or more.  Any company that has been around that long has stood the test of time and in most cases has had moments in history where they’ve had to challenge their legitimacy through litigation and or complaints.  Let’s face it anyone who deals with the public for a long period of times will have some level of unsatisfied customers and clients.  But a legitimate company that has a solid track record and stands by its clients is a good sign when you are narrowing your search for a legitimate home business.

Be leery of anyone who is asking you to send cash or check via the mail.  If you trust someone there is nothing wrong with sending money however you feel comfortable.  But one way to at least verify the legitimacy of a company you want to work with is make sure they have the ability to accept a Visa and Master Card from a real merchant account like Card Services International NOT PAYPAL.  Most companies who accept credit card transactions have to be scrutinized in a way you may not be able to own your own.  Several things you can tell about a company that accepts Visa and Master Card is they have a high client approval rating.  Otherwise it cost the merchant accounts money to always reverse transactions of unhappy clients.  Also if you pay for something with a credit card and don’t get it you have an easier time getting your money back.  I personally hate debt and hate credit cards and probably would not pay with my own but I would certainly want to verify any legitimate home business can accept a credit card payment.  If not it would definitely raise my skepticism meter.

Finally any legitimate home business should be able to refer you to satisfied clients.  At least five or six people who have worked with the person you are talking to and felt good about that interaction.  Why do we have to have references to get a traditional job but when we are looking for a legitimate home business and are nervous about being scammed we never look for references.  You would expect the person who is saying they are going to help you get started and be there for you would at least know 4 or 5 people that would say some really nice things about them that you could call and talk to own your own.  So many people over look this step, if you don’t get references or know for a fact that the person is already extremely credible RUN RUN RUN!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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