Legitimate Online Business Dangers for Work at Home Moms and Dads


Finding a legitimate online business can be a struggle in and of itself. But as a work at home mom finding the best job for moms or even dads from home is only the first hurdle for success.  The second hurdle is almost more important, and that is simply learning to balance your life.  Dani Johnson, teaches the worse thing about success is a little bit and their lies the challenge once you have a legitimate online or home internet business.

The struggle with balance will come down to your life.  As a mom you have a ton of responsibilities.  Most work at home mommies still have little babies and they definitely have families to tend too.  Once you find a legitimate business it is easy to get consumed by making income and working nonstop to keep making money.  The job or business opportunity will still be there later and you will have time to make plenty of money.  Your kids will grow up before you know it.

The balance pendulum can also swing in the other direction.  As a mom you’ve probably been doing that longer than you have working from home.  Often times a work at home mom or dad will start out with good intentions but use the fact that they are a “mom” or “dad” as a reason why the procrastinate.  This usually happens when you have a “little” success.  When you are in the legitimate work at home business and suddenly you have a good month and you stop working.  Suddenly you are working and being controlled by your income, it creates stress and can consume you.  You go through periods of working really hard to total burn out.

Once you find a legitimate online business it can be very rewarding.  To avoid the danger of developing a life without balance create business hours and stick to them.  It’s simple, develop a plan and follow the plan.  Regardless of how much or how little money you make week to week work diligently just like your employer would require.  The solution is easy, work for yourself just as constant and consistent as you would for someone else.  As a work at home mom or dad, don’t cheat yourself or your family out of a lucrative and fun lifestyle.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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