Lessons of a Slot Machine




Recently I had the privilege of a romantic 4 day weekend getaway with my beautiful and I should add sexy wife.  I was able to take her to her favorite restaurant Thirty-Two which is located on the top floor of the Imperial Palace Casino Resort and Spa. While there we enjoyed an incredible amount of people watching and you know me always looking for a life or business lesson.  I FOUND ONE!

Watching people play the slots they are missing their best chance of winning and just like in life the choice is totally up to them.  You see if a machine allows you to play 3 credits usually the first credit which pays the least doesn’t even pay out the top half of the winning combos.  So if a machine has bars and seven’s the first credit only pays when the bars line up but nothing if the sevens line up even though that amount is 5-10 times the winnings.  By playing the second credit now they can win with bars and sevens but they can’t qualify for the jackpot even if it does come up.  They won’t win!  But if they played with all 3 credits they could win on any win that comes up including the jackpot.

Now I’m not advocating gambling in any way but the majority of people were just playing the single credit so the most they could ever win was less than 100 dollars in most cases.  The person next to them could play 3 credits and win the jackpot and the person playing one credit would grumble that “they never get that lucky”.  The truth is they can’t get lucky if they never put themselves in the right place to even receive credit for their win.  See they have the same opportunity, as the winner but they made different choices.  Winning at slots even if you make the best choices does take luck of course because you can’t control the outcome no matter what.

That is the difference in business.  You have total control of if you are a winner or not.  But just like in slots most people approach business hoping to get lucky but they aren’t even playing the MAX BET.  Mentally they aren’t all in and  they are still hoping they get lucky.  While a lesson can be learned from slots, slots machines are nothing like business because of the fact that you get exactly what you make up your mind you want based off of your actions no luck needed.  The real question you have to ask yourself is are you really ALL IN?


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


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