Let’s Take Care of the Orphans


Let’s Take Care of the Orphans

In a season when we are able to be thankful for everything we have in America or any part of the industrialized world it’s easy to remember those who have way less.  Currently my family and I are planning a trip to Belize to help out for 4 days over the Christmas Season to really bless and love on some orphans that are not as fortunate as ours or your kids/grandkids are.  December 20-25th we will be spending time with doing basic maintenance and assistance around the facility.  We will load the kids up on a bus one day and take kids many of which have never seen the beach and they only live about an hour and a half away to the beach.

This orphanage is in need of financial assistance.  They can only handle 42 kids at once and regularly have to turn away kids that have been abandoned, abused and neglected because they don’t have the room or resources to care for them.  They are raising funds to build a new facility right now to increase the number of kids they can have to 100 but it will cost about $500,000 dollars. 

Over Christmas we will be there with these kids.  My kids Alexis 6 and Edgar 4 will be there as well talk about an enlightening conversation when we had a conversation with them that Santa Clause as a person did not really exist.  Santa is truly love and not a real person with reindeer.  Gifts by some silly tradition are given to each other and to kids from their parents and not from a man named Santa during Christmas time.  But these orphans will not have any type of Christmas in the traditional sense.  They don’t have a mom and dad that love them and can financially give them toys, toys and more toys that they don’t need anyway.  This is what happens in most American homes.

At young ages we asked the kids did they want to give up their “traditional Christmas” and go love on these kids and help out the orphanage.  There answer with smiles was a resounding YES.  If kids can do that why can adults respond the same way?  Make your day great today and give to a non-profit group that is helping to build the orphanage and one that I’m proud to associate with because 100% goes to the need and 0% goes to administrative cost.

Let’s support the kids and for every dollar taken in between now and December 10th Call to Freedom International LLC has agreed to match dollar for dollar up to 25,000 dollars.  I’ve been blessed and we are donating 2,000 dollars because that’s the amount that “stretches us financially and makes us uncomfortable for the sake of kids”.   What will you do for the kids?

God Bless You and Your Family
Stacy O’Quinn

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