Letter From Hans Johnson


Here are the top 3 resources that others are using to propel their business into momentum and increased profits:

1. Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book:
Master the art of prospecting and closing with this #1 industry seller. You’ll get 2 bonus audio CDs, transcripts that include cold and warm market prospecting tips, follow-up and closing tips, scripts and examples, and 2 training MP3’s included with the Script Book as a bonus absolutely free! No matter what kind of business you are in, you can use these scripts to increase your results and profits immediately. Get more info at

2. Attend a LIVE event:
There is nothing like attending a live Dani Johnson seminar. Without a doubt, it will change EVERY single area of your life and this is not an over statement. Treat your business like a business, make the investment in yourself personally and professionally and set a goal to attend one of Dani’s live events today. For info on Dani’s next live seminar, visit:

3. Get Prospecting and Closing help:
There are currently two different ways to get help increasing your prospecting skills and closing ratios. The first is the Prospecting Class and the Closing Class. When used together students have increased their results by a minimum of 200%.

If you can’t wait for the next session of classes to start, or if you want to really master prospecting and closing, Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions CD set is what you need. This 7 CD set is recorded live from a sold out event that is full of hands-on prospecting, closing and role-playing. Find out more here:

Also , don’t forget to take advantage of your 10 day free trial at the CFI Success Network and plug into all the hundreds of hours of training and coaching included with your membership!

Hans Johnson

P.S. I reposted this letter because it’s plan and simple.  You notice there are no affilate links in that letter?  I posted it because I believe in those 3 products and I agree 100% that’s the training I’ve used to help me go from ZERO to HERO financially!  Along with the profit margins we generate in our company as well.


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