Life is About Dreams or it should be…


What is your dream? Maybe you are struggling right now and not dreaming much? How do you survive in this economy and this world?

You have an internal desire something pushes you. Something drives you… or it did once. If you don’t feel that push or that drive seek it out and find it again. That natural drive is a road map. Dani Johnson says that desire reveals design. It is extremely important that you know what your desire is, because as Dani Johnson says your design is revealed.

(As a side note she backs that up biblically, but that’s not my point at the moment)

If an eagle was designed to soar than it would be equipped with that desire… Do you believe and eagle was equipped to soar? Think about it, a lion does it have a desire to hunt? How was a lion equipped?

If you have a dream or a goal and it could be big or small. Maybe it is to get out of debt? Travel the world or help the less fortunate? Than you are equipped to do just that.

Now I know you may have doubts and I get that. I believe in you because someone believed in me and this is what I’m asking you to think about today. A dream or a goal is always a vision or shown to us mentally as something that has been accomplished which satisfies us. But it is the end game, today you are in the beginning of that dream or goal. Focus on the first step right now. What can you do NOW!

In the spirit of football season, think about the next down not the end zone. The desire to get to the endzone it what keeps us going. How are you going to cover the next 10 yards today and focus on that alone!

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