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Monday night we will have a Presentation of our new system. You will be able to listen in over the phone on 212-990-8000 pin 1989# at7pm EST. You can also watch the presentation over your computer. Click here to register for the Monday night.

Webinar:www.mydfilive.com/webinar Making money from home just got simpler.

With the simplicity of the system and all the added features, you can’t help but to be more productive and make more money. Don’t miss this call, you will find out why everyone is raving! The new MyDFILive.com website is wonderful, I have seen a lot of systems, this one is a winner. I am amazed on how it all fits together without putting the pieces of a puzzle together. It is all integrated were the pieces work together. …WOW…phoneburner burns up the phone lines were you don’t have to burn up time on the phone. You guys did a great job in putting it together. Keep it up-Henry Balasch

I have used many systems, this one is my favorite – Cathy Sedlacek

I love the new marketing/training system, and I can’t stop working with it. The broadcast feature is so cool. I like that you can personalize it and send it to specific clients. It has so many neat features!!! -Jamie Waltisperger

Well all I can say is …. I’m amazed!!! This system is totally incredible. The boot camp is so easy to follow. I’ve seen and used many systems – but this just blows them ALL Away – by Far! I will use it all – I’m sure – but I Love the Audio and Video Generators -the Webinar access and… the phone burner. These things add so much to what we can do (sorry – it’s too hard to keep it down to one feature). The price is awesome – and FREE after only 5 referrals – WOW! Thanks So Much -Carole Gardner

I really am excited about the new system and love the ability to send audio and video messages, plus choose the ad site you desire to promote and looking forward in hearing what other nuggets that I haven’t yet discovered. -James and Kristi Buckley

I’m most impressed with the “Goal Setting” page. The audio makes it so easy to get them written and the email reminders will make it happen. This is where everything starts! -Mike Reeser

The new DFI Marketing System is ‘Five Star’ all the way in both content and state-of-the-art technological capabilities. Learning the system is a pleasure. Its many cutting edge features will both save us considerable time in our day-to-day activities, and propel us in developing our business in a big way. Its simplicity of use is wonderful. You feel as though you have your own personal trainer beside you as it takes you from one step to the next. This new system presents endless possibilities for developing our business. I am truly excited about it…and the price is right! It certainly is giving a new sense of pride as we introduce our new prospects to this incredible system, and to DFI. It makes a professional statement of who we are, the tools we use that help us to achieve our success, and how much we care about passing on our success to others…. -Pat Smith

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You have to click the link and sign up in order to see the presentation. The dial in number for the call is 212-990-8000pin 1989# at 7pm EST to listen in.

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