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Most people who desire to work from home and even those who have a home business suffer from one amazing phenomena and it’s what Dani Johnson would call S-O-S.  Shiny Object Syndrome creates a lack of focus and without focus the best income stream in the world can not become lucrative.  Three things happen when there is no focus, first the real opportunity is never found, cycle of failure never allows you to create skill and finally you become blind to real possibilities.

For many people when they are their own boss they spend most of their time looking at what ifs, looking for a better plan then the one they have or they allow life in general to have a higher priority than it should keeping them from being productive.  All of these will create excuses allowing you to procrastinate and never fully maximizing what may be in front of you and working for 1,000’s of other people.  But due to your lack of focus you will never have someone else’s success the whole time, wandering what they are doing or what other opportunity may be easier.  The truth is you need to focus to create a working experience that allows you to build skill.  You never build the skill without focus and the best opportunity is never realized.

When you are looking for the perfect lucrative home business, and you jump from one thing to the next due to a lack of focus you never develop the skill to succeed at anything.  Not having success is then a failure that frustrates you.  That frustration then becomes a reason you don’t work.  You begin to believe that the process is wrong or the company doesn’t pay right and/or the product doesn’t sale it self.  Maybe you blame it on the scripts,  the leads and/or presentation no matter what there is always an excuse due to your frustration.  Most of us never blame our lack of focus for our failures EVER.

The experience of failure tells us that what we are doing must not work.  Even when the opportunity or the home business may not be the issue it may be what “we are doing with the home business”.  But human nature is to always blame the home business.  So after our lack of focus bares the fruit of failure we are looking for the next shiny object that we start focusing on.  After a couple of different failures we begin to believe non of this home business stuff works.  When the truth is there are clearly some lucrative home businesses out there.

So to be the difference in success versus failure make sure you made a decision and stick to it.  Don’t get of track.  Don’t lose focus.  You know you are focusing on the right track if there is a proven model others are using to create the income and lifestyle you want for yourself.  Never allow anything to enter your line of sight and never lose focus of your dreams.  Dreams become goals and goals become dreams only when you focus on a specific proven path!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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