$405,445 NET in 21 Weeks and 14 Incredible People Left


21 weeks ago 21 people started on a journey most never realized the full potential and it’s not over with yet.  To be selected to be part of this group it required a few things, desire first and foremost.  Willingness to commit at least 20 hours a week talking to clients.  Desire to be transparent and track your numbers and results accordingly.  Over the weeks we’ve found that some people out of distraction, unfortunate life events or a lack of focus we went from 21 people to 14.

Special Note: No one was forced to quit they each decided based on external events they could not meet the weekly commitment required.  Maybe they figured they learned all they needed or it was just bad timing? I’ve always said consistency is a 6 figure skill set.

The Executive Mentor Group as a whole has generated $405,445 dollars net after the cost of the product.  Based on the current 14 people that is an average of $71,711 if you annualize it.  Success doesn’t happen by accident it happens on purpose.  The following individuals are purposeful, driven, passionate and clearly successful.


Hilary Snyder – Stay at Home Mom
Mindy Sartin – Stay at Home Wife
Latisha Ware – Stay at Home Wife, recovering from the corporate world
Trish Roberts – Self Employed Photographer and Mom
Gary Mach – Farmer/Business Owner and Dad
Andrea Derego – Corp. Sales Rep for Network Security and Real Estate
Jenny Perales – Working Mom
Dianne McGuigan – Single Mom of 3
Dorothy Graham – Independent Business Woman
Mintra Lewis – Stay at Home Mom
Mary Lynn Sheppard – Stay Home Mom and Wife
Steve Sheppard – Laid Off from Corporate America and Dad
Heather Lefoil – Home Schooling Mom and Wife
Stacy O’Quinn – Stay at Home Dad, Yours Truly


To each of you thank you!  Week to week as we have worked together in a small group and one on one.  You have allowed me the chance to be inspired by your success.  You have been open to critique and resolute in your desire to improve.  While you agreed to allow me to show you what I’ve learned over the years, you’ve showed me more than I could teach.  Thank You and Congrats on this journey as we look forward to expanding, including others and creating even more abundance and success.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Most of these individuals are not directly connected to me in any way that I could profit from their actual product sales.  Meaning this was essentially completely voluntary and I volunteered my time as they volunteered their transparency so I could help them.  There were about 25% of the group I could have directly profited from out of the original 21.  Most I could not.  They are each self employed and all numbers are based off of surveys they’ve voluntarily summited.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. The Exective Mentor Group along with all of DFI is working together on a new goal.  Join US.  Show that you deserve to part of this group by what you do with what you earn.  Because we know it’s not about what you make it what you do with what you make. www.grouprev.com/decidefreedom

P.P.S.  Non of use would be able to have this kind of success with out Dani Johnson and what she teaches.

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