Making a Difference In People’s Lives


Learning how to inspire people, learning how to help people get to the next level and learning how to help people have break-thru is all more important than money itself.  Helping others have so much success they can’t stop talking about it will always create a positive and lucrative environment for yourself over time.

Never be focused on the money up front, it always works itself out.  Leave that up to God!  But focus on the results of your clients, customers and team-members.  Every so often as my schedule allows I do voluntary training helping others in the company I work with succeed faster and quicker. I don’t get compensated upfront and in only a few cases can I ever benefit at all.  But the results others have will serve me far better than charging someone for my time!

What does it take to part of a training like this? Be dedicated and serious in your business.  Want to work your business like a serious profession that desires serious results.

Below are some emails I received after the last training or Mentor Group we did. Read the results!

Mr O’Quinn,

I want to say thank you for allowing me to be part of the mentor group.
You give relentlessly taking time out of your busy schedule to share your personal process to help people like me be successful.

At the beginning of this training group, I stated, "I have reached a plateau.  There is a skillset that I need to acquire. I will get this skillset thru this mentor group!!" Leading others to success, is a process, that is simple. So simple, most

of us will miss the steps, unless we are in a place to be teachable and coachable. Thru this process, the mentor group, I have been able to acquire that skill.

My life, and life of my family will never be the same. Taking each step by step helped me to follow and learn from liked minded individuals.  You, Mr. Quinn, provided the environment as well. I remember the statement,  "Find someone who has what you want, and do what they do." This environment enabled me to be constantly training, constantly working.

Starting the day with training, gave me the ability to learn first thing in the morning, then apply it through out the day. This is a concept that has also helped me to build a work schedule that will stand the test of daily time. There are a million things in this world that will distract me from my goal. It is up to me to stay plugged in to training, so that I can acquire skill daily, and apply it through out the day.

I remember when I heard about people who went to work every day to talk to people because there are people out there waiting for us to call them back. Now, I am excited to wake up, and state, "Who can I can today. Bring me ten people whom I can help succeed today."
You share from the heart, and give everything you have to help people like me be successful. You have a burning desire. Learning one simple nugget, I was able to prosper $1,000. Additionally, a couple other nuggets allowed me to profit $19,410.00, all within a 6 week period.

Money is great, and is an awesome tool. Creating a legacy for success is long term. The mentor group has been the single most impact on my life. In today’s world it is very difficult to get true friends, much less business leaders, to stay with me when I am in need of them. It is also rare to find leaders I can count on. However, today I would like to express thanks for being a leader and creating that unique distinction in my life.


Decide Freedom,
Gary Mach



Dear Mr. O’Quinn,

I want to thank you for leading this Mentor Group for 2015 and for allowing me to participate in it.  To be able to learn alongside you has been truly inspirational, and a deep privilege and I do not take it lightly.

This Mentor Group has pushed me beyond my excuses to work more consistently, to work this business in a professional, rather than an amateur level, and to raise my level of faith in this business and what it can do to change my life and the lives of others. Before participating in this group, I averaged about 7 hours a week of work, and my dials were averaging about 13-15 per hour.  Now I average 23-25 per hour and I am working 15-20 hours a week. I am already seeing results in many areas of my life!  I have brought in two business partners since starting in this group, one at Premier and one at Platinum (my second training sale, and I was able to close both of them by myself!).  My business is gaining momentum as a direct result of the consistency and accountability developed in this group.

My confidence has grown exponentially, and my skills in prospecting and closing are increasing.  Listening to trainings every morning gets me in the mindset to work my business, and to do my very best at the job I have.  I have learned more about time management over these past weeks in order to achieve my goals.

Working alongside the other directors in the Mentor Group has been very encouraging.  I truly rejoice with each one as he/she succeeds in their business.  As we share with each other, we add our faith together, and it grows our faith both individually and as a group.  There is a comradery between us, and the support of each member is such a blessing. 

I sincerely thank you for following your heart’s leading in forming this group.  It has truly changed my life and my perspective.  I am looking forward to the next step in my life and business.

Wishing you many blessings,

Karen Cormier


Dear Stacy:

Thank you so much for your leadership and the tremendous commitment you have made in leading the 2015 Mentor Group.  Using what I have learned in this group I have increased my closing ratios tremendously.  In the month of April alone I was able to set up 8 MS for myself and team members.  Using the team building strategies I have learned from you, I have led more people to FSTS, have made 3 times as many sales as I did last year, I have more momentum than I have in a long time.  I am stoked about what the rest of 2015 holds!

And I would be very interested in doing a cruise using the package…variety is the spice of life!  David loves cruises, and we have been wondering how to use the package to save on them, so that would be great.

Andrea Derego


Andrea, Karen and Gary are just a few of the emails from our last Mentor Group.  But we will kicking off another mentor group very soon.  Every year my goal is to help at least 10 new people make a 6 figure income.  The question is will you this year?

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Andrea, Karen and Gary are amazing professionals.  If you ever get a chance to partner with them one on one it could be the best decision you ever make.  If you happen to already work with either of them, hopefully you grasp how lucky you truly are and take advantage of it!

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