Making Money Online, What Works!


Everywhere we look we see all types of ways to “Make Money” online or ways people profess to make money online. Have you ever wandered what was real and what worked and what did not? Hans Johnson CEO of Call to Freedom Intl. said something once that stood out to me and has since been a source of common sense and guidance when it comes to “learning” something new.

What Hans Johnson said was that to make a 6 figure income we should never have to figure out how that is done. Too many other people are making money online or in any business really the pattern to a 6 figure income is laid out for us all we have to do is learn the pattern and follow it. The only problem is often we can buy e-books, read newsletters or buy some type of program and never be given the full road map to duplicate.

It appears that most people learn something and they hope that by not sharing all they can that somehow they have maintained a customer or client for life. Or they are concerned that if they share everything that has worked for them they will simply increase their competition. There is one major flaw to this. At some point your clients will become disillusioned and not have success and there for not only will you lose a client but you lost a potential valuable portion of your network. Who if they are serious will become successful at one point.

Another benefit to sharing all of your road map that you can and a powerful lesson we’ve learned in DFI with Coastal Travel is that other people having success does not lower your chances due to some form of competition but rather; other people having success gives credibility and creates more buzz and therefore attracts more success for everyone. That is a major reason we just launched our new www.stacy.mydfilive.com/signup marketing system for Coastal Travel and DFI.

Next time someone pitches you a way to make money ask yourself this. Will this person be there for the long term or will they be jumping to the next best thing? Are they in business or are they playing on the net as a hobby just to see what happens? There are a lot of helpful people out there and there are absolutely exciting and simple ways to make money online. Look, Decide and ACT!

Good Luck and God Bless,
Stacy O’Quinn

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