Marcus Lemonis, Do You Know His 3 P’s for Success


Marcus Lemonis


Marcus Lemonis, started out in life struggling born in the chaos of civil war and invasions in Lebanon in 1973.  He was adopted by an American family in Miami FL and has a degree in political science and criminology.  He failed as a politician when he ran for the Florida house of representatives in 1996.  Then he refocused his career on business.  Today he is currently the chairman and CEO of Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises and the star of The Profit, a CNBC reality show about saving small businesses.  Marcus believes his companies succeed because of his 3 P’s

1.  People
2.  Product
3.  Process

If you watch Marcus Lemonis on his show The Profit you will hear him often talk about how important the People of a business is.  It’s the people that make the product, use the processes and believe in what they need to do to be successful.  He often says his goals is to save a job from someone deserves it, when they are giving there all.  Do you focus on people in your job or career?  There could be a reason he’s worth 10’s of millions of dollars.

Marcus often talks about the Product, is it of good quality?  Does the market want it?  Is there a need for it?  People always buy a product they want and a product that makes them feel good.  This is one of the single biggest reasons I’ve been working in the travel industry for years.  This is also probably one of the reasons Marcus has found success in the RV/Camping industry.  It’s a total luxury, people don’t need it but they want it!  Does your product provide a value that people absolutely want.  Who doesn’t like to vacation and travel?

Finally Marcus’s third “P” is Process.  Every business should have a process that can be duplicated very easily and quickly.  It’s one of the things that allows you to scale according to him.  Dani Johnson in her training has always talked about the process allows duplication.  This is one of the reasons I’ve used Dani Johnson’s techniques and scripts when it comes to working from home.  Everything has to be laid out and simple so someone else can follow it.  This is the single biggest reason personally I just want to master showing how to duplicate what Dani’s processes with my brand new people.

Following Marcus’s advice in the 3 P’s of People, Product and Process, if you work with amazing people and you know they are awesome deep down inside.  If you have a product that is an amazing value and that people want with a process that is simple to scale then you are well on your way!  Congrats!

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