Mark Paskin Secret Millionaire on ABC_ Going to give it away


Mark Paskin was a member of a poor family living in Madison, Wisconsin. Paskin worked to pay for his University of Wisconsin education. After graduating, he used all the money he had (a whopping $1,000) to make a down payment for a duplex. This began a career in buying and selling real estate, which lasted for 35 years.

A small investment eventually became a portfolio that included retail properties, office buildings, industrial buildings, and apartment complexes. Paskin owned properties from Florida, Texas, and Nevada to California. A $1,000 investment became more than $100 million. The San Diego Tribune even dubbed him “The Donald Trump of San Diego.”

Paskin currently resides in California and is the president of Paskin Properties, which is a division of a private real estate investment and management company appropriately named The Paskin Group. He is also a highly demanded speaker, presenting at companies and universities all over the globe. Paskin shares his knowledge with others, motivating them with stories of his humble beginnings and advice about earning money with real estate.

Paskin is a well-rounded individual, enjoying snow skiing, traveling, and quality time with his family. Once a radio disc jockey, this real estate mogul is prone to dressing up as Elvis and singing karaoke at local bars. He is fun but has a serious head for business and places high priority on giving, which is what made him a natural choice for the first season of Secret Millionaire on ABC television.

Now 61, this multimillionaire wants to “die broke.” He believes that once you have made a lot of money and bought what you want, there is no need to keep more of it. Though he still works on huge real estate deals, he is also currently giving away his fortune to worthy causes and people in need. His charity involvement includes the Juvenile Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, and Shiley Eye Center at UCSD. Paskin gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Participating in Secret Millionaire gave Paskin the chance to donate approximately $125,000 of his fortune to volunteers working in inner city Detroit. He believes that everyone should give back in some way, whether with their time or money, because this will make the world a better place. As for himself, Paskin says that his participation in the show made him more thankful for his health and lifestyle and more sensitive to the many people who are not as fortunate


  1. Frank Mallek says:

    I watched the program on Mark’s seeking out those in dire need. I am a simple teacher for 43 years in the Archdiocese of Chicago. I started a Youth of Divine Mercy which involves children in proactive Christian ministry and prayer. I feel it is Providential what Mark does. He brings Christ to the poor and they see God’s Presence in their lives. I’d love to contact Mark in this regard.

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