Memories are More Important Than Money



The reasons you work from home are many but memories are more important than money.  Earlier today I posted on my personal facebook page about how we got our once a year snow and my boss is giving me time off to hang out with my kids.  Since I’m self employed, I know my boss really well.  He’s incredibly caring, loves to help others, enjoys making money, traveling the world and hell he’s even good looking.  The truth is playing in the snow sounds childish, heck taking off of work that’s crazy!!!  The truth is it is childish and very important to my kids and having the freedom to take off and play in the snow is far from crazy!

All joking aside about my good looking boss… even though I wasn’t joking, the freedom to create memories with your kids or grandkids is priceless.  Memories are one thing that no one will ever take away from you or them.  That freedom to have the time to create memories became the single biggest reason I work from home and always will.  What are you enjoying with your family and loved ones?  When is the last time you stopped and had the time to do something fun just because it would create a memory?  No job, business or opportunity is worth more than then memories with your loved ones.

Life is short don’t let it pass you by!
Stacy O’Quinn 

P.S. Make sure you enjoy your angels!


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