Moms Make Wise Business Decisions


Keeping with our theme of Moms making money from home, starting their own home based business or just being self employed and being successful from home during this Mothers Day week.  We can see that moms are uniquely suited to be successful in a home based business.  Today we are going to look at one decision that moms make in business that they are accustomed to making in their own homes but most people in a legitimate home business will not make the same choice.  Moms are smart and we love our mom that’s why this week is all dedicated to MOMS!

Moms are used to living on a budget and even if they don’t like it they have mastered living paycheck to paycheck.  Most moms want to work from home or start their own legitimate home business because they do not want to live paycheck to paycheck.  Applying simple skills they already know is one way they can save money and be successful with a legitimate home business.

When a mom starts a business instantly there is an additional budget she must maintain.  Money comes in and any business will naturally have money going out.  But moms are already equipped on how to make wise business decisions.  A mom knows how to shop the newspapers get the best coupons and even knows when the double coupon day is so they can save an extra dollar a pound on dinner one night this week.  Most moms are naturally thrifty, even though they don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck and that is the reason they want to find a legitimate way to work from home, those same skills will benefit them for a long time.  Here’s a great example!

In my own business we just got an email that one of our advertising firms is providing a 15% DISCOUNT on any order of advertising until Saturday.  There is always a built in discount based on volume any way.  So a smart mom naturally is going to buy in bulk first of all to get the best deal up front and then add the 15% COUPON on top of that for even additional savings.  That just makes the most sense right?  This same advertising company told me that their most popular orders are the lower quantity orders that are actually more expensive per lead?  The same clients keep buying the lower quantity orders month after month because today when they pack the initial purchase it is much lower dollar amount.

WHAT GOOD SENSE WOULD THAT MAKE?  No mom who is used to already living paycheck to paycheck would make a decision that cost them more money in the long run.  Buying in bulk makes the most sense have you ever been to SAMS?  If you as a mom apply your everyday principals that they use in the house hold the same principals will benefit you in your legitimate based home business.

Thanks Mom,
Stacy O’Quinn

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